Sunday, 23 August 2015

Encrusted with Grace

Just when I thought I would never see the light, a ray of light flickered across the horizon of my life. Hey! Watch me, I'm going to make a fiery glowing ball out of this ray..
Hiya! Hmmn.. first off, work and bad network are stylishly keeping me away from the blogosphere, Am either working in a place where there is strong network signal and of course I won't be able to blog then 'cos of my work or vice versa. I moved to a new city, hence the network fluctuations. I sincerely beg, please bear with me, in a couple of weeks, I should be out of here... thanks. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Versatile Blogger Award, Who's Next?

We deep gratitude in my heart to God and triple skelewu dance in my head, I am super excited to let you all know that I have been nominated for an award...Versatile Blogger Award!!!! I was nominated by so many boss bloggers and that itself is an honour.. They include Gloria of Trendy living Blog, Amaka of Amaka Media. They are both christian bloggers. (Of the highest order). If you are one who is lazy at praying everyday or you pray without ceasing already, then you should visit their blogs and say your prayers after them and not to add the spiritual upliftments you will gain when you visit.  I am so grateful to you both for blessing me with such an award.
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Friday, 7 August 2015

When a Woman says NO..

This question does not entirely relate to our last post please. Thanks ehn..

Why is it that guys keep trying to find a way to a girl's 'treasure island' even after she bluntly refuse him touching her hands talk more of her intimate body parts. Do you guys really think a girl has fishbrain? I have come to realise that most men usually take a lady's 'no' for a 'yes' and never for one day take her 'yes' for a 'no', So sad.  

Candid Pen

Hiya! How's everything over at your end? Work, family, school.. I bet all is well. I think I should stop apologising for my inability to keep up with putting up a post on the blog. It's becoming a routine and an annoying one at that but am gonna say it anyways, I AM SORRY!!!.
So apart from the crazy work schedule last week that made me take a few days off, off this week, something else happened. Some few weeks, I 'met' a guy  through a 'concerned' friend of mine, she called me on the phone one day and asked to give my number to a guy who was looking for a tall and slim girl. I obliged and 'jejely' told her that she and the guy shouldn't expect anything serious from the would be friendship.                                                                  

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Let's talk PaSsioN

It makes you see past the present, past your fears and even your will. When a man is filled with passion each day, the sky is definitely his starting point.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Winners never quit.. Quittters never win!

This post is kind of an encouragement for me, you and everyone out there. I hope you get the message clear though.  Winners never quit, quitters never win..these six words constitute one of my favourite inspirational and motivational drive in life.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Midnight random thoughts

Funny how these days close pals and family think of me as a weird one. Seriously not laying any blames 'cos it's cool to say they were trying to protect me, but I have to stay truthful.. The same set of people who told(beat) me to stay away from guys because they won't be of any good to me are the same folks who are giving me the side eyes now because they aren't seeing any one around, not even a knock on the door from any guy 'popping in just to say hi'. Ohh! I remember I am now of 'marriageable age' that's if am not behind it already. I see the fears in mama's eyes, I guess she is still thinking: Does my girl still hold that crazy notion in her head about men?

Thursday, 9 July 2015

You can't run away from your shadows

Hiya lovelies, it's your runaway girl once again in the building!!! I've missed y'all a great deal, eh! Calm down with the frown you are throwing at me, biko.

This is what has been happening, I have struggled long and hard before writing this, not knowing if am explaining myself well enough. I have been in some kind of 'am here but not here state of mind', so in trying to blank out a lil' bit of issues/fears am facing right now I unconsciously turned off my faculty of writing.                                                                  

Monday, 29 June 2015

Only a true typical Nigerian can believe this..

They really do not have any logical or plausible explanation whatsoever,  These are probably gonna sound so weird especially if you have never heard of them. what should I tag them as?... superstitions, traditions, myths or...... *complete the missing blanket with your tag after reading*.

Here are some strange myths or whatever I have heard in Nigeria. First off, I have never really tried them all or experienced all first hand, but those who have can literally swear on their lives that these things happen. They are so unbelievable! Okay lemme start with the ones I have experienced..

The weirdest of all is  that a girl or woman who is seeing her monthly flow must not enter a cold room which is a compartment usually the size of a house and it is used for keeping frozen stocks like fisheries, poultry refrigerated. they say if such a woman enters inside the coldroom, the engine which keeps the cold room refrigerated, will stop working. This happened right before my eyes many years ago. Me and my sisters were already forewarned by mum not to go inside her friends coldroom to go get anything when we are on our period. But mischievous me will not have it, I wanted to experience it first hand for real ' cos I have had enough tales by moonlight from them. And so when my monthly flow came, I went to the cold room in pretence of getting my mum's stocks in there. Climbed inside, stayed inside the freezing temperatures for some minutes and climbed out. That evening, mama came home and quietly asked us all who went to the coldroom and is also seeing her period. Heads bowed, I raised up my hand.. "Thanks for making the engine go bad", mum said. "Do you know it will take a huge amount for them to be able to fix that engine? ", and from that day I was banned from entering that cold room. But tell me what connection is there between a woman who is seeing her monthly flow and a cold room engine. Asked my mum this question today but she still does not have a reasonable answer for me.

Then there is one of bitter leaf. They say you can remove or reduce the bitter taste from the leaf by not talking to anyone while cutting it from the branch and also until the food/soup is removed from the fire after cooking.. Na wa oo, I have not tried it though because I don't want to spoil my soul oo..

Another is.. Beans or cow skin (kpomo) can be made to cook easily by adding a spoon (steel spoon) to the beans or cow skin as it cooks on the fire... Hmmn.

Or these popular ones you must have heard already like not sweeping at night in order not to attract evil beings and this one of not bending down your head in order to look through your legs especially at a market...*whispers*.. they say you will get a good defeaning knock from a spirit if you do that, but you can go try, then you tell me how it went later... lolzz!

Please clan, don't think of me as a queer one, I heard and shared here.. nothing more biko.

Oya share yours too with us if you have got any, keeping in mind that that does not make you weird, we are Africans and Africa is full of drama!..

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Mind over Matters

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful bird, his feathers were all glossy like it kind of got some good brushing from a horseman and his colours were a perfect match, arranged like a beautiful work of art. Whenever he flapped his wings and flew, he got both the envy of other birds and the admiration of humans. He brought joy and awe to everyone who saw him.
I know this bird is far from my description.. 

One day, a human (woman) saw this bird and fell in love with him. She will sit outside her house and watch him fly in all his glory. His flights across the open skies always got her excited, she loved his freewill and ability to do whatever he wanted, to go wherever he pleased.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Odd Question: Can a child inherit 'prostitution' from the parents?

Over the weekend, I travelled to one of these small but mighty towns in Delta State to see my uncle sorry brother *step*, always thought he was my uncle until a few years ago when my dad corrected that impression. Thank God for Journey mercies, but it was a sorry one, sat close to a kind of troublesome mentally deranged, deaf and dumb lady with a strong body and mouth odour, she kept drinking sachets of Chelsea 'kai kai' one after the other right from the park to our destination. It was horrible! And I made to type a post during the course of the 1hr 15minutes journey but not to be cos each time I try to type, the lady always wanted to see what I was doing and in the process, she ended up pressing her dirty looking clothes and unwashed body into mine.Well I guess all that coupled with the cold breezing in through the windows while I was returning home contributed to my near illness since yesterday. Just wasn't feeling myself today even as fine as I was, I knew I was very fine today! *was in a hurry this morning so couldn't take a min out of my limited time to snap a pic*. Please forgive me for the long absence, the upper week was filled with so much work, a report we were told to submit in two weeks time was suddenly moved down to one week. Also I was typing a post on Microsoft Word when my phone crashed one kind of funny crash where everything blank out leaving only the home screen. Thanks so much for your understanding. Molola, I sight you! I have really missed you all.

Okay that's that, On my way back home, I dropped in to see a former school friend, she offered to fill me in on everything that has been happening in school, I declined 'cos I was having a mild headache and knew I wouldn't be more interactive which could turn everything to a kind of monologue. She insisted that she only needed my listening ears and not my voice. So I obliged, reminding her of how I hate petty gossips. 'girl this one is worth it!', she said. I laughed at that and she started off..

She told me about two former colleagues of mine though they were in Geology option. "Michael and Janice slept together ", she said abruptly. "And so?". But even before I finished utttering the word, I remembered they weren't even dating though they were kind of 'good' friends back then and come to think of it, Michael has been engaged to Janice's best friend for over a year now! The 200l fiancee  heard about the whole ish and called off the engagement. 
Michael couldn't take it, heard he tried to commit suicide, the girl became alarmed and in fear she took him back. While Michael is alleging that Janice drugged his drink and seduced him, Janice is telling everyone Michael raped her. So who are we to believe?.
Let me leave the boy out of this, I want to talk about Janice.  This gurl seems kind of possessed. The relationships she has broken in that school is uncountable. She does all this for fun I think, because her dad is well to do like very well but she sleeps around like mad. Loves exposing her body, I pity the lecturers and students. So I want to ask when and where did such a little girl learn all this? Some say 
high school, really? Then someone brought an odd but not so odd talk, that she probably inherited her wild ways from her parents. Incredible! But looking at it all, it just might be true, were one of her parents the wild type back in the days, she could probably have gotten that from them. The sin of the father on the children?.. I dunno!.
 Like me and my siblings got so many odd things and beautiful traits or habits or whatever from our dad. We all almost write in the same way he does like you couldn't tell the father's from the child and also we all bite on our nails like he does but me I have been able to conquer my own, I hate it but back then it was hard to stop. Also, I and my immediate younger one sits the way he sits, cross legged. Hate that as well and gradually limiting it. So if a child can inherit this much from the parents, bearing in mind that they are not directly related with the blood or chromosome, how much more can a child inherit?

Am I wrong or right?

Monday, 1 June 2015

Love is a Mystery

My aim is to understand love and life in general.  Somethings are like a mystery to me. It's kind of like am torn between two worlds, sorry that's not even possible because it's just 'one' world now. I feel like am being stupid. But answer me a question, which would you choose?, a relationship where the other loves you to pieces and yours measures a little more than a drop of rain or a relationship where you love the other greatly but his love that's if there is any at all, is little. Why am I happier with little than more. God! I could never understand love I fear, practically, it seems I want to hurt my self judging by my choice. But no, for everything man does or say, there is a reason, so I must have one for choosing this path. For a long time now this choice I made has been fair to me at least to the best of my knowledge.

My aim is to understand love.. I feel like am not loving enough, I know am holding back, I know I can give more than I have already. I think one of the reasons why I love this 'little love' more is because I hate obsessive love, don't love me too much.. just love me simply. If I go more than this I will spill too much than I intended.

Although my aim is to understand love, and although I suffer to think of the people to whom I gave my heart, I see that those who touched my heart failed to arouse my body and that those who aroused my body failed to touch my heart... Life is a mystery.

Someone's diary.

Whoops, June is here! I want it to roll as fast as it's younger lad(May) and be triple productive for us all. Show some love even to people who don't deserve it and always pray for Nigeria!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Tales: My Naija weddings

Hiya lovelies! Can't believe we just entered a new week, last week was like a blur to me, can't really figure how I spent the hours but I know for a huge part, my head was buried deep in my new project am working on and the calculations are out of this world. Hence my absence here for a while now.. first, wishing you all a happy new week and I pray it be productive and fun filled for us all.
So I have been going round some blogs and virtually everyone seems to be talking about weddings! Yes weddings as in Naija weddings.. before I start my near rant let me let you all know I went to one of these arrange 3 canopies inside one community primary school field kind of wedding reception early this month and mehn it was da bomb! As in since I hardly eat anything at wedding venues, I was just packing all the packaged rice that was coming my way, drinks were rolling in like mad.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Excuse me ma'am..

Hello friends... how are you all doing? Okay first of all, I want to wish you all a happy, joy filled and fulfilling week. Then secondly want to say a big sincerest thank you to everyone who've shown me love and support especially during this past week. I wish I could see you all and give each and every one of you a tight squeeze to show my appreciation and love in return, anyways do make do with some e-kisses... Muah!!!

Friday, 15 May 2015

When will I see You Again?

Where do I start from? First let me begin by asking the most needful: how are you all doing my dear friends? I just hope life's been fair to you. Please first of all, pay no attention to the post title up there, it's just some lines from a song. I don't know why, Adele's songs keep playing in my head all day. How I have always wished life cycle could go exactly as planned, but we all know how that is near impossible #sighs.. if wishes were horses, then Rella would ride.

I'm afraid things might have to change around here slightly, initially when I started our blog I posted articles just a couple of times  a week. Then seeing that a job placement I was expecting was taking forever to come, I decided to post every day because I practically had no commitment whatsoever.. but now have gotten something that kinda needs my fifth senses in place for the better part of the day. So ama have to cut down my activities here. I will be officially dropping one or two lines here on Mondays and Thursdays. Notwithstanding, I will always come around anyday am chanced in between to say hello to you all. The thing is that I never wanted it this way but most times, I prepare most of the write ups here at night 'cos then my head seems to be more active *chuckles*, is it me just being me or does it have something to do with the quiet at night?  When I say night it means from about 1-4am for me, sadly I need those hours of rest even though I really do not need it per se. But I have to rest and be up at the wake of dawn in order to feel refreshed for the day's task in which I have been blessed with from out of the blues. So there we go, I hope you pardon me and show understanding..

Much love,

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Do humans have a limit to their capabilities?..

Hiya Ya all. Glad to have you around again. Phew i've missed this blog like mad in the past couple of days. Am deeply sorry for the inconsistency. Travelled here to come work out some stuffs but it seems the stress of it all is beginning to tell on me, my health not on the best of times right now there is this persistent headache (I refuse to call it migraine) for days now that just wouldn't go, it's almost driving me crazy, I think/reason too much and it hits hard at me. To even gist is a problem and you know how blogging here takes a whole lot of good reasoning.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Question of the day...

Hiya Beautiful! How is the week rolling for ya and how are you coping with it?.
First want to say am sorry about the no post-yesterday. Not intentional... it was a busy day for me and no good network signal right here where I visited. So I paid a courtesy visit to my school and hell! A lot has happened since I left here, please permit me to talk about it. Do you know that the funny old collation officer for Rivers state in the last presidential elections was a former VC in my school? The funny man that shouted 'Jesus' before he read out the number of votes for PDP in which President Goodluck dust General Buhari the way a Cheetah would to a dog were they to be in a race. So my school have a new VC don't know his name though and I pray the changes Nigeria's president elect have been drumming about won't be anything like the kind of changes this new VC brought.. First He restricted Okadas to just the main gate making me trek for about 10 more minutes, then this man increased the school fees of my friends still schooling here, the fees they pay now is like double of the former amount. Okay that is that...

Also heard a disheartening news.. a friend of mine (though hi! hi! kind of) was withdrawn from the school *sad face* , guess his grades were not good enough. Heard his wealthy parents went to the school authorities to try and straighten things out (obviously with some cash), but it didn't work out and now he's left the school. This brings me to the question of the day... Would you as a parent give your son/daughter money to go bribe/sort/block a lecturer so he can increase his grades? And would you as a student do such? Mind you there is even an option of cash or kind especially for the female folks hehe..

Hmmn, tomorrow is gonna be another (busy) day for me so I might go MIA for the day but let's see how it goes.. Byyeee!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Do you know?...

Do you know the fuel which is as scarce as a coin in Nigeria is totally free like fruits growing in the wilds? Crude oil forms at high temperature ( not greater than 435 degree Celsius) from mostly the breakdown of plants and sea organisms in anaerobic environments devoid of sunlight and it takes millions of years before it becomes mature enough to form crude oil which is then drilled making these politicians feel like they own Nigeria...

Do you know that the minimum metres (international standard) a borehole is suppose to be distanced from a soakaway pit is 100 metres. This is done so the fluid from the soakaway pit won't infiltrate into the underground water. Sad though because most people don't keep to this standard...

Do you know the best place where you can get detailed breakdown of the happenings in sports and politics in Nigeria is at the newspaper stands. There you will see group of men dissecting the front page of newsprints like they read the full story but these men hardly ever buy a paper home..

Do you know that Nigeria is the only country in the world where a man steals 25 billion naira and is ordered to pay just 3 million by the judge in order to avoid jail.. Are you doubting me?.. Google Michael Igbinedion and see for yourself...

Do you know it's only in Nigeria you pay for a birthday sms your bank sends you. It's just to let you know nothing is ever free...

Add yours if you know...

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday!

Am so excited to be part of another Thanksgiving Sunday, I always look forward to every Sunday with so much joy! The year is running so fast, and even though it may not be rolling out smoothly as planned for some, we still got to say a big thank you to God, yes! You and I won't be here today if not for him, I know you agree with me on that. So I just want to say a big thank you to God for EVERYTHING He has done.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


How should I describe you
In your own season you come into my life
And sometimes disturb my plans throughout your stay
I can't say I totally like your visits all the time no no no no..

The last time before you came you gave your usual warnings
And diligently and respectfully I gave you all my attention
You know I hate when you crawl up on me unexpectedly
'Cos then I may not be prepared for you

 I can't hold it no more my anger will I vent out
Don't make me go back on my words
I still have that little childish plan in my head for you
But mama have made me promise her I would drop that plan

Don't you think the pains you bring are too much for me?
Each month you bring your torments without mercy
See am even afraid to write about you
Lest you bring your wrath more on me

The young unmarried damsel prays never to miss you
The expecting wife prays never to see you
It's amazing to know you are the pathway to some new life
Hell you are one of a kind!

Yeahhhhh! It's a beautiful sunny day over at my end, how is the weather like at your end..raining, sunny, snowy for my Western friends *wink* like seriously how do you Americans understand my Wafi English here sometimes...hehe. I hope you are all doing great...Enjoy your day clan!

P.s: Erm *scratches head* am not a poet, those are just scribblings up there. So pardon me and please take them like that..

Friday, 1 May 2015

It's all about you, you and you!

Hey you! How are you doing? glad to have you around again. So am gonna write a couple of things as they come to my head. Am kind of quiet and tired right now. It's 12:23am 01/05/2014 over here at my end. Over the past hour, I have been having some random thoughts and just thinking about them makes me feel sad right now but I know by the time I am done here I will feel a lot better.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Recognizing the Seasons...

Have you ever seen a month old baby walking unaided on his feet? I bet your answer is in line with mine: NO. A new born don't just start taking his first steps a couple of months after he was born, there are phases he must pass through before he can take his first shaky steps, he first learn how to crawl, sit, walk and maybe then he can learn to run. In the same vain I feel as humans, there are some phases/patterns we all have to go through in life, I grouped these phases into learning/working, earning and returning..

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Juggler

Hiya lovelieees! Top of the day to you all, so how is the week going? It's been cool for me as the week rolls by.. so wanna ask when did women turn jugglers? Especially for the working mum who juggles between work, kids and keeping the home. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

What colour represents you?

You know how they say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.. this time around it's show me your colour and I will tell you who you are..hehe.

You know what colour represents me? It's black, I love black coloured clothes, black men *biko am not a racist*, black shoes, bags, you just name it. But you know how they also say the colour black represents evil or mourning or unhappiness. *sighs* my family have been killing my dream of black nation. Mummy nearly go in tears each time she sees me in all black outfit, she goes all black is not a good colour, don't you know someone meeting you for the first time will think you are mourning. Sometimes when I finally agree to off one or all of the black outfits I find out I normally am not much happy about it but have to do it anyway to make my mummy happy (one person I would gladly or grudgingly displease my self for before marriage is my mother). The thing is I feel more comfortable in black knowing it does not draw much attention from people (men) to myself.
Last Sunday's outfit, cropped my face off the parting on my weaves kind of rough and the yabbings from my sisters is more than enough, wouldn't want more from you guys
Not that I don't like bright colours but I really do feel most comfortable wearing black outfit (especially a complete black outfit). Sometimes I look for a little trouble by wearing it on a Friday. All those over sabi folks that will make to ask me silly questions wouldn't dare when they see the look on my face..lolz.

So tell me what colour represents you and why do you like it?

Remember God gave you the bricks to work on, you just make it mould and He will work on seeing it dry and coming out in good shape. Work your dreams to life!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Who loves this fruit like me?..

Hiya guys! So how are you all doing? I thank God I 've finally made it back home from my last of many journeys. No more travels for now... 

Why do the hinter villages have fruits and even foods more than the urban areas? On my way back I saw quite a variety of fruits been displayed by the women in the locals. And me I love 'sucking' mango die, who knows and love sucking mango like me in the house?. Too bad I had already finished licking it before I thought to snap. Mehn the aroma of that mango is just too appealing to the nostrils, I doubt there will be anyone who does not like that fruit *sorry there must be, not everyone knows a good fruit* in Nigeria. You know what fam.. I think the aroma/scent from that fruit could be extracted to make some nice perfumes, what do you think? *my Igbo brothers please take note* hehe.

 Guess what??? Today is the wedding anniversary of our amiable reader Jummy Jenmi (Mrs). Most of you should likely know her here. She is a regular commenter, she is been there for me right from the start. This goes to wishing her a Happy Marriage Anniversary. I pray God grant you and your hubby all your heart desires ( children (up to 12), good health, happiness, peace, wealth, long life, prosperity and more) . You shall celebrate many more anniversaries with good health and happiness in the years to come.. Appreciate to have met a friend like you, thanks so much for your kind encouragements... Bon Anniversarie! 
P.S: Jummy dear please send me your preferred network to my email address so I can send you a top up to call family and friends on your anniversary. 

Okay stay safe lovelies, do have a nice day! 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday

Yeah!!! We made it to another new week again, it's not easy. All thanks to God Almighty for His unending Grace and Mercy even when we don't deserve it. That's why he is called Faithful God! I just want to thank God for adding another year to my YEARS. I know he has a reason for bringing me this far and it must be fulfilled in my life. So it's Thanksgiving Sunday, join me to give thanks and praises to God. He is worthy of our praises!

Who went to church today?...Me!!! And I hope you did too, stay blessed and have a fruitful week ahead.


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fishbrain: Some girls wanna make me believe it

Hello darls, how are you all doing? Me am doing good in case you want to know how I am faring? Anyways thanks to this sunny Saturday my clothes I washed are all dried out and still no thanks to the day, everywhere is so hot to the point that 'm sweating all over *don't roll your small eyes at me, I hardly sweat just started to feel heat sef for the first time some few months ago since I was born*. This global warming thing is getting worse by the day *dunno*
So I just wanted to drop in and say hi to you guys. My sweet poRatoes. I hope your weekend is going as planned maybe peaceful, fun filled or house chore filled. Erm *scratches eyes* I want to do small amebo before I sign out. Abeg how is it possible for a girl to know her guy is cheating on her and still stay in that relationship?

Friday, 24 April 2015

Deja vu: When feelings roll out in exact manners like you have felt before...

According to The Urban dictionary, deja vu (French word) meaning 'already seen' is the feeling that you are doing something that you've already done before. Have you ever had a feeling you are doing something you have already done before, Hmmn yes we all do repeat or say something we have probably done before like say 'hiya fam' or 'how are you doing today', 

Like I always feel I am sitting on this sofa when in reality I am seated on my mum's hard stool at home. 
But you know what clan, deja vu is different, if not because you know you really have not done or said something you are saying or doing that moment you would have thought otherwise... Deja vu is nothing more than a feeling clan even though the actions or words seems to repeat out in the same manner. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rants and Thank You(s)...

After all my plans for my special day it came out in a beautiful way. I can't believe I spent a huge portion of my birthday on the road, good 14 hours for a journey to and fro. Am so 'bus lagged' (will make do with that until I can fly aeroplane and become jetlagged) .

Okay this is kind of a thank you post. A reader of my other blog went out of his way to make my birthday more beautiful than I had imagined even though we have never met . A big thank you to him especially for the birthday song and gift *blushing*. The guy's voice was as honey and butter inspired like Amaka's. And to everyone that wish me a happy birthday, Calabar girl, Amaka and Jummy and not leaving out Molola *wink*. I deeply appreciate. And to my beautiful clan behind the hundreds of page views even though most of you don't make your presence felt by leaving a comment I still appreciate you and encourage you to keep visiting.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happy birthday to Me!!!

Beautiful king
Awesome God
The One that made the wise foolish for my sake
And the strong feeble

Men can't understand the Hand  
That seems to move the clouds for me
Men stand in awe of your wonders in my life 
By merit nor strength did I get here

You have never let my weeping last more than a night 
Your mercies and love have been new every morning 
Now and forever I choose to serve you
I pray all men see your Light.

Warm Birthday shout out to Lohla of Lohla's melange. Happy birthday to you and me. April born rocks! I pray God bless our new age.



Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Look before you say 'I do!'

Hiya fam! How is the weekend going? Smooth I guess. I made a vow to my self not to touch on this topic when I was making plans for the blog during my pioneer days, simply because I wasn't married yet. *smiles* But guess what? I am not in any way in a marriage or any thing close to it but I know a few knacks about it and its recipes...*chuckles*.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Every Moment on Capture... Click!

Photos capture memorable moments and keeps them alive in our hearts each time we take a look at them. 
If you were to rummage through my phone now, you will be amazed at the number of photos you will find on my camera photos and today I went through practically every photo on my phone numbering into a few thousands, I would look at one of the photos sometimes for a couple of minutes and some I gave just a moment glance. You may ask: Don't you have anything better to do?. I do... but I wanted to find out something, and that is the reason why I took each and every one of those photographs. I found out something after looking through the whole folders of photos, some I had reasons for why I made the decision to capture that moment and others no reason whatsoever, maybe there is a reason and my brain wouldn't bring it self to find it.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday

Hope you are as happy as I am for another opportunity to thank God and let the whole world know He is the Dopest, the best Friend, the Greatest Protector(He is stronger than a thousand army) and above all a Merciful King!
It's another RellaNaija Thanksgiving Sunday... Here we come together to thank God for what He has done this past week, today and what He is yet to do. So if you are not joining this beautiful clan to thank Baba God, just know you are standing on a short thing...LOL.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Perculiar observations about some Naija cities

 I have been opportuned to visit some states in Nigeria and I want to share some peculiar observations (not facts ooh)about the people. Please note all findings are based on my observations when I visited, so am sorry if it may contradict with your view especially if you hail from that state and please I don't mean to be insulting or tribalistic about any tribe or people.
So here it goes.....

Friday, 17 April 2015

Make the mind a better WORKSTATION!

Hiya fam!!! Am back again.... dudun** dudun** dudun** dudunnnnn.....with the busy body eeh... everybody eeh... something dey..... yeah this is the breakdown!!!...LOL
Guess what fam? I have not been able to open blogger for the past two  days *bbm sad face*. In my one sided mind, I thought it was the bad network though I could open any other site. At times when blogger miraculously opens, I click on write post and it doesn't respond, just showing blank page for days. Then something happened, I just got home the past hour and was excited to come online with the super fast connectivity here, lo and behold the same blank page that shows up each time I click new post. I was so alarmed and my joy was temporarily lost thinking my browser or phone was having some kinda fault.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

And off I go...

Good day Mr Moderator, Impartial panel of Judges, Co- debators, accurate time keeper and my readers at home.... hehe. This so reminds me of primary school and the inter debates between neighbouring schools. I would cram page after page of fullscap(that's how Molola spelt it for me) sheet even though I never knew the meaning of those extra large vocabulary my teacher included in the text.
I am touring virtually every Town in Delta State, touring I came to do something serious ooh, who dash me 'touor'. See the kind of suffer I am going through here ehn is not cool at all ooh, how can a oversabi sorry smart phone be indicating 3G full network and I can barely open not to talk of

Monday, 13 April 2015

See Gobe work....LOL

Heello! Top of the hour to you all.... I hope your day has been productive like mine...hehe.
So I can't remember ever doing what I did today but am so proud of my self and I know mama will be so happy when she returns, too bad I won't be around when she will arrive home so I can form hardworking daughter... lol. Am on my way to the Finger of God state *decipher that* to pick up some stuffs.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday!

Hello my people! How una dey?...... this is to wishing you all a happy 'post Easter Sunday' #ehugz#

Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Fear Factor

Hello my beautiful fam! How is your 'stuck' Saturday going? Please do go and cast your vote if you have your PVC at hand.
Some thoughts have held my heart since last night and I couldn't think of anything else as I lay on my flat mattress.
Why do I feel something is wrong around the corner? Please don't call me spoilt, I just want to share something I have been observing.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Fear of the unknown processes

Hiya fam! How are you all doing? How is the family, mumsy, daddy, hubby, children doing,,, Great I guess.
This blog is beginning to turn personal ooh, everyday me me me! But it is all cool jhoor, it being personal (mine and yours) means we can relate more abi?

Thursday, 9 April 2015

We just might see ourselves up there anytime... what will you CHANGE?

Well you never can tell, our grandpas in the top government might just really help make this word 'the youths are the leaders of tomorrow' become visualised pretty soon. God willing, some of our leaders who have turned the House of Assembly and other positions to an enthronement could decide to take a rest from their political enthronement to pave way for the youths.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

That special 'thing' that makes you feel alright!

Just wanna let you all know am happy *shines teeth* and I hope you are too. Sorry for the introduction, but that's how I feel, thank you! * shines whiter teeth*

My fav piece.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Making that DECISION

Let me rate my self on a scale of one to ten on my ability to make choices (right ones) some few years back in the twinkle of an eye: 2. Yes two, or continue reading and rate me yourself maybe you will raise it higher by a few notch.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Are you a keeper or flinger?

Hiya guys, how was the Easter celebration in your home? How did the chicken taste. I feel for all the chickens and rams that had to go for Easter stew and rice. Sad!...

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday!

#singing# Come and see what the Lord has done for me *3
If it were to be man I will truly pay...
Yes ooh, what the Lord God has done for me can run into zillions of dollar where it to be pay as you go but it's all free!.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Ladies Love Looking Good!

Yeeee! Sorry for this mega late post time, please pardon me, see if you even see what I have been doing since morning ehn, you will tell me to go take a long rest and just forget about writing this post. Well even if you tell me not to write I will jejely decline 'cos I must drop something here for you guys each day.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Make PERFECT happen!

Hello guys! How are you all doing? Me am fine *shines 32* 'M freaking happy, don't even know why, maybe I do or maybe I don't...bottom line: Rizzy is happy and I hope you are too.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

How things have changed...

I remember how I used to wake up early and have this sense of pride when ever I beat NTA to their first image/broadcast (multicoloured screen) for some few minutes and the subsequent instrumental humming of the national anthem.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Yeah We made it, I made it, you made it. We made it to the second quarter of the year and for me it is an honour to see this day and month.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Every woman's Pride

Hey guys sorry about the late post, was caught up with chores and finding 'solution' for my hair. Yes my hair!!! Very stubborn thing that wants me to look like a mad woman but God is on top my matter and hair #Godwin....hehe

Monday, 30 March 2015

Internet Dating Palaver

The things social media have caused ehn especially in this our Naija, I will narrow it down to just dating. You meet someone over the net maybe through Facebook, matchmaking sites,  Badoo(where you can meet your spouse with relationship status: unmarried) or on any
other social platform and boonbaa! you both strike a chord and become inseparable lovebirds.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Take a walk in my shoes

They say only the wearer of a shoe knows where it pinches most. Our society today is plunging more into an ignorant act of judging someone before you meet them that is if you even get to meet them someday at all.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Vote 'n' Laff

After we cast our votes today, we will be invariably stuck pretty much in doors for the rest of the day. Worry not #smiles#, I pray am able to lighten and spice up your day with my not so hilarious gists…. Oya grab guguru ready for me, lol.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Come Vote for my party

In these past weeks leading to the March 2015 Nigeria general elections, the media have been hounded with reports of all manner of allegations and counter allegations from the camp of the two leading political parties (APC and PDP). Horrendous adverts sponsored by these parties greets the eyes when you visit news sites with incredible captions like:

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Your roots are stronger than that of a mahogany - R****e

For me, my favourite genre of music is not just about the beats and tempo or the dance moves it can evoke. Its way deeper than that, just thinking about my fav genre of music right now is making me all emotional. It brings an inner peace to me in ways that I can’t explain.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Breaking News: Nigeria to enjoy uninterrupted power supply 24/7

Uninterrupted power supply in Naija?, * please wake me up from my dreams*, lolz.
For the past five days, we have been living in darkness. Friday night, PHCN cut off the power supply to my neighbourhood and we were waiting patiently for the ‘return of the light’ for we thought it was the normal three hours on and the next three hours off.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Positivity is Everything.

Often times, we magnify our problem and make/think of it worse than it looks, believe me most times it may only makes experience that problem longer than it should have lasted. It’s heart breaking to see so many people living their life based on their circumstances of yesterday and today, even conjuring up negativity for their future just because today looks bleak. We all face problems and difficulties, but many have chosen not to allow their problems and challenges take away their joy and positivity towards life.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Ladies get in here and rate your COOKING PROWESS!

My first 'flied' rice three years ago precisely Christmas day *wide smile*, Yay or Nay?
Mama Blessing was a young mother of two, with a hot curvaceous body, a belly so flat it earned the envy of other mothers and even unmarried girls with a pretty angelic look, she could pass for an unmarried bubbly girl without kids. It's not easyforamotheroftwotohaveandmaintainsuch a nice figure especially in our country Naija with all the eba and poundo yam always within reach.

What goes around comes back around - Pt 2

Why on earth must this crook be the only one available to attend to me?, I thought to myself. I gave him a fierce look as I handed him my withdrawal slip but he seemed oblivious to my open angry stares at him.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

What goes around comes back around.

By the time you are through reading this, you will believe the saying that  'what goes around comes back around' and let me add my own to it, 'in a short time'. So what goes around, comes around in a short time.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Jam traffic, traffic jam whatever!!!

My chocolahtees, how 're you all doing? Glad to pen down my 2 cents on our beloved Naija issues once more.
I love my country Nigeria, don't you? but I don't fancy the traffic jams across Naija one bit. Was in Lagos on Monday and the traffic gridlock was epic! How can someone be stuck for good 2 hours in a hard seat abi bench molue.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

OMG!!! I just saw my celebrity crush...#faints#

Hiya peeps, thanks for joining me once more. Hope your week is running smoothly. Let's talk on celebrity crushes today. I don't really know about guys and their celebrity crush, that's if they even have a celebrity crush at all. In a concert, especially of one with a hunky male artiste performing, majority of the folks packed full to the gate in a hall reeking of sweat and BO are mostly females with shouts from them like 'Baddo I love you!'... I bet you will agree with me on that.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Secrets to an acne free skin

This is a pic I took last month
At one point in our lives, five out of every ten adults have experienced acne on their faces. I have experienced it first hand and I bet you it can cause so many things to the individuals affected from shame to depression. For me it nearly ruined my life, yes let me put it that way, am almost moved to tears as I write this *takes a deep breath*.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hiya friends!

A gift from me to you, enjoy if you can ! ...hehe 
I graduated from the university last month and guess what?, my special university chose to omit my department and one other department from the list they sent to NYSC, on the ground that we didn't defend our project on time enough, because my department and the other one they omitted were the last to defend meaning I will be automatically going for my youth service in November.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Pickpockets No more!

Hello dearies, happy mothers day to you all!
So today I will be giving you tips on ways to avoid losing your money to pickpockets, yes ooh, pickpockets have showed me pepper and tomatoes, lol, from stealing my only money left for transport fare for the week during my industrial training days early last year, ah! That money pained me to my bone marrow 'cos I was so hungry but couldn't get any thing for fear of shortening my t - fare..hehe. Also my mum lost a friend of hers to this pickpocket palaver, the woman opened her shop one Monday morning and forgot her handbag containing a few hundreds of thousand outside the shop, came out the next minute and couldn't find her bag, she fainted and was in coma for some days before she gave up the ghost.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Does a parent way of life affect a child?

Do you know your child especially the little ones between ages of 5 - 12 kind of walk in your shoes or follow after your ways and actions? Ok I can see some raised eyebrows, relax and just continue reading. I will give you some personal experiences to buttress this interesting fact I recently figured out. I visited a family  some time back and the kind of behaviour I  saw the mum and the eldest sister exhibiting was appalling. Out of respect for them because I am definitely a baby if you were to compare my age with that of the eldest sister's.  I couldn't say anything to make them see reason that what they were doing was wrong.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

5 ways to live a healthy lifestyle

Since I want you to keep visiting and live in good health, I will throw some light on how you can lead a healthy life.

1).   Eat good and healthy food
 The average Nigerian family/ home will eat 'eba' five times a week, beans on Saturday and rice on Sunday. It is good for us to map out a balanced diet table for the week consisting of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and of course with supplements of fruits. You should try as much as possible to cut down the intake of processed food and food high in calories. Go organic!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Let's give it up for the women! Today is International Women's Day

Mabel, a 300 level student from my school  bought form to contest for one of the top positions in the Student Union Government, this was the first time a girl would boldly stand up to vie for any seat in the SUG. There were about three other guys vying for that same position.