Friday, 27 March 2015

Come Vote for my party

In these past weeks leading to the March 2015 Nigeria general elections, the media have been hounded with reports of all manner of allegations and counter allegations from the camp of the two leading political parties (APC and PDP). Horrendous adverts sponsored by these parties greets the eyes when you visit news sites with incredible captions like:

“Don’t vote for Mr X, he will jail Nigerians if he wins”
“Vote for change and a better Nigeria”

These adverts always make me chuckle each time I see them and I ask myself, “is the media now a battlefield for these politicians?” .These past weeks have been filled with blood baths and killing of members of both political parties by thugs and cultists engineered by God knows who. I wonder how they can be so openly brazen about their selfishness and greed.

 They say they are committed to the masses first and their selves second, how true! No sooner have they assumed office you begin to see appointments and contracts awarding to companies owned by a near relative maybe using a pseudonym for the company and associates who in turn ditch out a few pennies instead of the billions awarded for a project leading to a quack or abandoned project being carried out and of course the masses hardly complain for it will only fall on deaf ears if you even manage to try and talk to the government about it. 

Everywhere now you see large gathering of political party members (masses still) queuing up for either cash or foodstuffs shared by the chieftains of these political parties. Pity though for the masses for it seems it is on these basis the leaders seems to ‘forget’ the masses when they win. They feel they have done their best by giving out a few pennies and a measure of foodstuffs during the elections campaign to the masses.

I would like to call out to the contending figures preaching change and transformation across different state during their campaigns, for those that may win or be re elected. Have you thought of the unborn generation (yours included)? Have you thought of pioneering a Nigeria devoid of corruption? Have you thought of providing adequate and standard amenities? You may never know how your family and children will spend that embezzled money when you are gone. In a year they could squander It and become penniless. Then think of their children’s children finding their selves in a situation living like the ‘ordinary’ Nigeria. Can he cope with the hardship? Why not just do the needful now why you still can. 

You see the Western world going as far as paying/providing for the unemployed so far you bear citizenship. But here you even go to a university and may still not find a job years after. I could go on and on and still not fully pour my heart all on this issue. So I will just take a break and hope for a better Nigeria and I believe it shall be here soon with the right individuals.
So my dear readers when you go out to vote tomorrow, GUARD yourself first before you guard your vote, lol and never carry your kids along or better still stay at home if you are a breastfeeding mother. 

Erm, *clears throat* who are you voting for sef? And are you not as happy as I am that the election is finally holding tomorrow ‘cos after that we can have peace. No more will we see hilarious headlines like “APC leader wants to steal my wife and make her his house girl when he wins” and “PDP leader is planning to jail all my generations if he wins”……kikikiikiki…LMAO.
Stay safe my lovelies. Catch ya!


  1. I cover myself with the blood of Jesus and d armour of God as I vote 2mrw.

  2. I pray for peace as the election holds tomorrow.
    May the right candidate win by His grace
    I pray Buhari wins

    1. Amen to your prayers! There shall be Peace in all the states.

  3. Lol I just want the elections to come and go with no bloodshed. Mat God's candidate win.

    1. Amen! Am loving these prayers already, more please.....

  4. Vote right, vote wise, vote safe!

    1. Lovely Lohla thanks for stopping by my blog.


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