Saturday, 4 April 2015

Ladies Love Looking Good!

Yeeee! Sorry for this mega late post time, please pardon me, see if you even see what I have been doing since morning ehn, you will tell me to go take a long rest and just forget about writing this post. Well even if you tell me not to write I will jejely decline 'cos I must drop something here for you guys each day.

So, since I woke up this morning, it's been from one chore to the other and then from one face to the other... See me ooh, who sent me to learn how to do make overs. I actually have not learned professionally from anyone but people say am good at it. #i can transform you, hehe. 

Hmmn, God bless those babes who will yab me scara 'cos I hardly had any make up on my face till I almost hid my face with a cap during my Industrial training days. You hardly find much ladies into the course (Geophysics) I studied in school. So when I started my industrial training at one of these NNPC subsidiaries, the ladies in the department I was posted to were not much either. Just four of us. 

The other ladies were all these shine shine babes *wink* that like their dressing chic and their face looking flawless and 'rainbowfull', lol. They never knew I deliberately skipped any form of make up because of the stubborn acne on my face back then so as not to draw much attention to my face *hides face*. But they wouldn't have that, "please just use a little lipstick or some lip gloss or try shaving the eyebrows to look more beautiful", they will always torment me.

All that changed one day when I hurriedly left the office and mistakenly left my Facebook page open on the PC to go run errands for our boss. One of the guys on industrial training too in our department sat on my desk and rummaged through my Facebook photos in my absence , he called the others to come see my photos and tell if the person in the photos and the one working with them was same person.
"Why the change?" a few chorused aloud as I returned to the office. "Erm nothing but I will start doing a little make up from now on." I said so they could let me be.


See that pimple trying to spoil my swag #school 
Well I became good at doing this make up thing and guess what I can really transform you, hehe. Maybe I will write a post on how to 'draw' eyebrows here someday. So for today, my neighbours and sisters were streaming in for eyesbrows *wink* and I couldn't decline, no not couldn't, I can't decline 'cos seeing the smiles and wows on these ladies' faces after I finish doing their make up gives me joy! So here are some (above and below pics) few I did for friends way back in school and some for today. What do you think?, am I over hyping my self. If I don't hype my self, who will?... lolz.

Wishing you all a beautiful Easter celebration! Me love you all.


  1. You should think of exploring this skill, since you seem passionate about it. All the best, and happy Easter!

  2. You should think of exploring this skill, since you seem passionate about it. All the best, and happy Easter!

    1. Working on it soonest. Thanks for your advice. I appreciate.

  3. Ooossshhheeey Turn uP! **In Wajilda's voice.. Rella be looking like a pimpim.. Bia woman, sheybe you know you are 'F'ery 'F'ery beauriful sha oh!!! Choi iTrip like kilode.. **Whispers can my geh friend be like you when she grows up mbok?! Ooossshheeey Turn uP!! **clears throat.. Sooo you haf NNPC link?! And i am Hia suffering myuself anyhow... **Wears straight face **Singing.. he is a miracle working god.. hehehe Amma send you my CV ASAP.. OSshheeey Turn up!! hehehe this post was very ghen ghen, and your beauty made me smile like a turkey.. Call me bush yeah, but Mbok what is Acne?! Tolu says it a lot...

    I am sorry it took me so long to be on here bubba.. **Drops on knees like Biko haf plenRRy mercy on my 23 years 3 months 17 days old confused head.. **Singing in 's Rella is a fine geh, iya iya oh! Choi DoRoFinegeh.. In other news, No be small panlebeating you dey panelbeat their face shaa.... Chisos! makeup magic.. AneFer hexsperred it fa oh!!! **Shines teeth.. Ooossshhheey Turn up!

    1. Yes it took me a whole day to think about how to respond to this epic comment. Young Duru I don't have NNPC link ooh, I was just there doing errand girl for oga manager... Erm, so am a foine girl abi *bbm wide smile*, make me first lady at YnC and datzall.... LOL just kidding, so how is erm black currant abi Ribena doing? Hope she is responding fine. Tell her not to form for ya ohh 'cos right now you are like King Solomon just that you have got eyes for only her *straight face* do you say it again... Oosshheey Tarn up!


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