Monday, 6 April 2015

Are you a keeper or flinger?

Hiya guys, how was the Easter celebration in your home? How did the chicken taste. I feel for all the chickens and rams that had to go for Easter stew and rice. Sad!...

You see my mum hardly allow us throwaway clothes no matter how much you don't seem to like that dress, you must keep it 'cos she may call you one day like a thief in the night and ask for the same dress you told her you weren't wearing any more  over a century ago. "Ah this gown is still looking fine, try it." mama will cajole and if you mistakenly give in and put it on, you are loving it moments later after all the sweet talks from her. My mum is a keeper of stuff of Nigeria (KSN), she sees it as a taboo for one to throw away clothes or other stuffs. So what happens if you don't need them anymore 'cos I could get tired of wearing a dress easily, but if a dress is my favourite you could get irked (maybe unconsciously) at seeing me rocking it week after week like it is the only clothing left in the world.

Imagine a house filled with half a dozen girls, ugh! and it was so hilarious because we were living in a 2 bedroom apartment years ago while we were all complete in the house with a few of my cousins( 2 girls and a boy), Fuji House of Commotion!. So everywhere you look you see clothes and shoes dangling from all corners. Sometimes when mama is not in my elder sis takes the chance to bring some of these un needed clothes outdoors for burning (they say that is forbidden) whoever is in charge or custodian of that taboo must forgive us ooh 'cos we had no other choice.

I don't know why they never gave it out to an orphanage. But after a while my sis who tosses clothes away most did load 'plenty Ghana must go' to go give out I think to church. I was happy when I gained admission into school 'cos I saw multitudes I could give my clothing(both wanted and unwanted) to. When the giving 'juju' enters my head, I could give out all my jeans till I was left with just one or two. Even one of the girls jokingly told me I will go naked without clothes with the rate I was giving out my clothes and I reminded her that my 'juju' couldn't hold me everyday lol.

Do you know one thing I found out, leave some of your clothes in the wardrobe, travel and come back six months later, open that wardrobe and you will find out the clothes you left behind now lack the fancy you had for them and may even look old in your eyes. My younger sis seems to be working in my mama's shoes already, she stacks her books ranging from primary school story books to secondary school Economics or physics textbooks. I told her to go look for more room for her collections 'cos it seems by the time she is through with college, we will be storing some in the ceiling.

Well I just feel if you love it keep it or if you love it still, give it out 'cos it seems better to give out what you love, right? And do you feel this burning of clothes thing is a taboo?
Finally, are you a keeper or a flinger?


  1. Lol I used to be a chronic keeper but now I just give stuff I don't need out. But there are some old stuff I can never let go of

  2. Nice!! Trust me, there are alot of keepers around. Well, I am not one. My elder sister n mom are good at that. Keep clothes, empty cartons, books e.t.c I think some people just Av a phobia for throwing stuffs

  3. Molola that word chronic keeper tho, epic! I bet you like it better now giving out un needed stuff.

    Miriam dear glad to have you here! How is young lad Duru doing? On that keeping empty cartons thing there is a similarity between my dad and your fam members 'cos my dad can keep as little as a biscuit carton, lol *if he catches me ehn*

  4. Oh wow! I have never thought of this...I think I am a keeper, cos I still have clothes from years back in my room. Im like your sister too, I keep my books, all of them. Only recently I started giving some out.

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    1. Hmmn Pat lemme ask you a question I usually ask my sister and she is been keeping mute about it: are you keeping them for the kids?, hehe you don't have to answer too dear, it is cool also that you could get to give some out.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. lol. at first i keep them so that I can brag of using a particular book for a whole class and the book will still remain almost as neat as new lol....but later it turned into an habit. So its deff not for the

    3. Aww, you just took me down memory lane, I remember how I do fold my books with newspaper prints or an old calendar to keep it looking clean till the end of the session... lol. Good to know tho, thanks!


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