Thursday, 19 March 2015

OMG!!! I just saw my celebrity crush...#faints#

Hiya peeps, thanks for joining me once more. Hope your week is running smoothly. Let's talk on celebrity crushes today. I don't really know about guys and their celebrity crush, that's if they even have a celebrity crush at all. In a concert, especially of one with a hunky male artiste performing, majority of the folks packed full to the gate in a hall reeking of sweat and BO are mostly females with shouts from them like 'Baddo I love you!'... I bet you will agree with me on that.
8 in every 10 girls have celebrity crushes and it mostly turns out to be a tall, handsome, six packed musical or movie artiste. Don't ask me how I know hehe, I 've got female friends and happen to be talk to so many about their celebrity crush.

"If I meet my celebrity crush today, all caution will be thrown to the wind, I will do anything he asks me to do",

Wide eyed??, well that is what a pretty damsel told me when I asked her what she will do if she gets to meet her celebrity crush one on one. These girls adore and even worship their celeb crushes, some even go as far as putting up large posters of them in their rooms planting a kiss with their crimson red lips here and there on the poster...LMAO, yeah it is that serious.

I am most grateful to God 'cos he has made these so 
called celebrities not to be seen everywhere plying our roads everyday, imagine what my pretty sissy would do if she found herself in a hotel room with her celebrity crush, I dare to imagine... Maybe 'shakara don end oo' belly protrusion three months 

 Well I feel there is nothing wrong with having a celebrity crush just so far you are not fainting for him like the late Pop king MJ fans does or throwing caution to the wind if you ever meet him someday. Me have had my crush too sha, just that he was not a celebrity, all those high school crush *closes eyes*, that is what I like *tongue out*, lol. That will be a post for another day before I turn this post to a PhD thesis...lolz.

Okay, your turn tell me your celebrity crush if you have any and will you throw all caution to the wind if you meet him today?? Lol. #strolls away#


  1. Naija celebs...*irks*.Used to crush on Eddie Chibran until I grew older. its all just fantasies.

  2. Yeah I believe it's all just fantasies especially for the teens. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I must say that I have many of them o. Fabian Ross(Willy) in Telemundo, Paul Wesley(Stefen) in Vampire Diaries) Ian Somerhalder(Damon) in Vampire Diaries
    Don Jazzy, 2face, Tayo Faniran of BBA

  4. Ah! Jummy that is a battalion you've got there... it's all good. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hmm Mine is d Ghanaian actor John Dumelo, juz luv hw he interpretes
    his characters in movies.

    1. I bet you have so many contenders there, that dude is cute!


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