Thursday, 9 April 2015

We just might see ourselves up there anytime... what will you CHANGE?

Well you never can tell, our grandpas in the top government might just really help make this word 'the youths are the leaders of tomorrow' become visualised pretty soon. God willing, some of our leaders who have turned the House of Assembly and other positions to an enthronement could decide to take a rest from their political enthronement to pave way for the youths.

Hmmn, imagine it can be passed into law that the maximum age for any person contesting for any position in government should be 35 years maximum, hehe... *please permit me to dream my head off*.
So imagine by chance or vote or any political buhahaha, lol, you are made president of Nigeria for a year or lemme say four year, what visible landmark will you leave?

Okay let me go first:
*In the voice of a campaigning candidate* I will wipe out corruption....#cheers from the house!!!, but how easy is that with corruption having eaten so deep into every sector, government parastatals and private organisations. Last month, I was at a customary court *abi is that not what it is called? * to swear some affidavits, entered the small office cramped with men and women of middle age gisting the hot afternoon heat away. When I stated the purpose of my visit, they called an incredible amount for me, I didn't have up to that amount on me so I tried pricing for the amount to be reduced but it yielded no results, instead I got side glances and angry retorts from the ladies telling me to take my crayfish market elsewhere. I left and went back the next day with the 'stipulated' fee. On getting there, I met the staff in a deep heated conversation/ meeting of some sort.

"You have to wait for the meeting to end before we can attend to you," one of the ladies said as she came out of an inner room where the meeting was being held. I sat down in one of the worn out couch they provided for visitors and there I wished I was with my earphones to block out the sounds of their heated arguments which almost led to blows. What was the cause of the argument? The staff from different offices in the building all wanted a share of the free money coming from the office I was to swear the affidavit. But the ladies there refused 'cos they felt it was meant only for their office. Yes, they were cheating the masses out of their money. Charging 5 times the supposed fee as I heard clearly from their shouts. Chai imagine how I felt knowing I will be cheated out of my money almost five times the supposed amount!

Then water, the state or quality of drinking water in Nigeria is nothing to write home about at all. You see boreholes springing up in every compound dug barely past a few depths or dug so close to a soakaway pit you begin to wonder if you are drinking your shit, ewww! In the past you see water boards monitoring taps and boreholes so they can meet with international standards abi local standards, but today I wonder if there is still anything like water board in Naija. So I will rejuvenate that area. Then I will work on the power making sure to supply at least 20 hrs of uninterrupted power supply, then provide job ooh, or think of it I could just pay every unemployed graduate some little money till they can find a job.
And yes I will reshuffle the cabinet and appoint the following persons who I know will fill the position perfectly. Mr Duru as the Minister of Women affairs, *straight face* Molola President Nigeria Blogsville, Then confer BMFPat with the FON (fashionista of Nigeria), AmakaTPJ as YAON ( Youth Ambassador of the nation), and Jummy as the governor Central Bank of Nigeria, then am thinking of something mega for Blogoratti...

Erm *scratches head* to be a president is not easy ooh, just to type what I will do am exhausted already, LOL.
Oya your turn, what will you CHANGE were you to be the President of Nigeria?.

Lest I forget kudos to our incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan for his grate *wink* works and achievements and congratulations to the new President elect General
Muhammadu Buhari.

#A better Nigeria starts with you and me!


  1. Lol @Jummy as the governor Central Bank of Nigeria.
    If I were to be the President of Nigeria, I wld make sure that there is steady power supply

    Wld create job opportunities

    Free medical facilities

    Bribery and corruption wl be eradicated completely

    1. *side eyes* see the way you are dishing them out like one of these All good!

  2. Security first! Thats a priority, then others can follow!

    I know its all just a dream cos i cant imagine when Nigeria would agree to have a female President! Well, till then lets keep wishing!

    1. Sweetie we can't help but dream and pray for a better Nigeria. Thanks very stopping by.


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