Thursday, 2 April 2015

How things have changed...

I remember how I used to wake up early and have this sense of pride when ever I beat NTA to their first image/broadcast (multicoloured screen) for some few minutes and the subsequent instrumental humming of the national anthem.
I can remember they do shut down their channel after midnight and then open just before sundown. But I doubt NTA or any other Naija TV station shut down at midnight anymore, I think most of them run 24 hours nowadays, Right?

I remember how I carry my small frame tagging along mama when she goes visiting relatives and friends. We make our journeys over long distances sometimes with torrents of rainfall hitting our heads when mama forgets to bring an umbrella along for our walks. Still we brave the rains and sunshine to go know the well being of a friend or relative. (But my own agenda was way different from that of mama's, I always went along with her to get my share of a welcome drink ( sometimes a full bottle of Goldspot) and just to observe the ancient town with its brown weathered roofed
 houses as the vehicle conveying us crawled past them. All these have changed, the number of visits to relatives and friends have dwindled especially with the advent of GSM. we now have this 'quick' way of reaching them through calls and emails and still we make not a single call for days or months or even years to them.

I remember how the moon shines so bright on most nights that you could read a storybook with its glow and you see the little children play heartily in the moon's glow, but do you even see the moon shine so bright like back then? (like seriously what happened to our moon sef?).

I remember when it rains so heavily sometimes and along fell small ice cubes, chilling to the palms when you pick one up like it came straight from the refrigerator, ohh how I love the coolness it brings, i usually crack them up between my teeth and leave it to melt in my mouth before swallowing them down. But these days you see such no more, did scholars say it is as a result of global warming?
how I remember mama going to the market and selling every last of her goods, but these days she hardly sells her wares despite the increased population, they say no money, abi?

They say the only thing constant in life is change. But let's ask ourselves this question: how positive is this change we are experiencing or have experienced already? Must every touch of the society  be changed, shouldn't somethings just be left as they were? Is this change becoming detrimental to us?...

Ok my dear friends what do you think of this issue. Do you feel am exaggerating?. Also feel free to add your own changes you have observed around you and Nigeria at large. I could only come up with these few.
Stay blessed!


  1. Yours are in line with mine. And Lol at what happened to our moon. Tall buildings has probably barricade it.

    1. Hmmn, you think so? Or it has refused to shine bright on our beloved country, lol. Thanks for stopping by dear.

  2. Sometimes we have to adapt to the changes around us, or else we get left behind. That's life I guess, nothing stays the same.

    1. True, change truly is the only constant thing in life.


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