Monday, 20 April 2015

Every Moment on Capture... Click!

Photos capture memorable moments and keeps them alive in our hearts each time we take a look at them. 
If you were to rummage through my phone now, you will be amazed at the number of photos you will find on my camera photos and today I went through practically every photo on my phone numbering into a few thousands, I would look at one of the photos sometimes for a couple of minutes and some I gave just a moment glance. You may ask: Don't you have anything better to do?. I do... but I wanted to find out something, and that is the reason why I took each and every one of those photographs. I found out something after looking through the whole folders of photos, some I had reasons for why I made the decision to capture that moment and others no reason whatsoever, maybe there is a reason and my brain wouldn't bring it self to find it.

The rate at which folks especially females take photographs of themselves sometimes in inappropriate places is embarrassing. You are listening with rapt attention to the preacher on a Sunday morning in church and suddenly there is a bright flash of light followed by a click making you feel Jesus is coming in all His glory wrapped around a halo. The flash of light and click you have heard is from a pretty damsel wearing a major cleavage bearing dress, it seems she wants to take a selfie of her 'commodities' with the crowd visible  behind to mark her presence in church and later feed to her followers on Instagram. It seems the most trivial things are captured these days, a newly 'acquired' pair of ear rings, a Louis Vuitton belt, a Ray Ban sunglasses. Ok it's cool to capture them so you can remember them in all their 'glossy glory' when they become worn out but what do you think when some go as far as posting on social media such as Instagram or Facebook?. 

For many it's just to genuinely let their friends share in their joy while for others I fear want to be part of the 'in' crowd. I fear this generation may loose out of the true meaning of living because they are not living. Gone are the days when we wear our 'best' and head to a photo studio on a sunny day just to capture our pretty and handsome faces. The advent of smart phones with amazing HD qualities have changed all that. These days the camera man is mostly needed at wedding ceremonies and birthday parties, I wonder how they survive on that job nowadays. People are quick these days to capture a moment that they might miss out on enjoying the joy of that moment when they loose their self in the joy of photographing that moment. I am not even trying to condemn photography here, like I said I have thousands of photos on my phone and they numbers grew enormously recently because I couldn't get enough of my acne free face, Lol. Like I just tried to justify my reasons for so much selfies which may not be pleasing to everyone, in the same vain I want to ask you, how justifiable is your reason for taking photographs?. I tried to sum up the hours it took me to take that much photos, you know wanting to get the perfect light and angle. I ask my self, would it have been better if I put those hours together to read a few pages or chapters of a good book? Still i tell myself, you can't make one part of your life suffer because you want to live the other. And that brings us back to the most basic truth for a happy living: Do What Makes You Happy!. 

Do you have a reason for taking each and every photograph on your phone? I bet you do if not for all but one you took on a special day, your wedding, birthday, your convocation day, your baby at one month old, at your spot park or in a garden. Oops! I forgot... just to mark that new sneakers or phone. Do share with us.
Have a splendid week ahead! 
Much Love.


  1. Lol. Interesting read. 'People are quick these days to capture a moment that they might miss out on enjoying the joy of that moment... ' This article just reminded of an article I wrote some months ago. #BringBackOurMoments >

    We have so much in common, Rella. Loving you more. :)

    PS: Sweetheart, you don't have a "poor brain". Words are powerful.

    1. Hmmn, I agree words are powerful. I have got a great rich brain. Thanks!!!!

  2. Very interesting and insightful read. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day dear.

  3. My dear, ever since the inception of Instagram, people take pictures to impress/show off. Gone are the days when you just want to capture a memorable moment. interesting read btw.

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    1. Thanks. Like I said many may miss the joy of some beautiful moments just to capture that moment. A little bit sad!

  4. Capturing those moments are very essential. If not captured, then they will fleet away and be nothing but a distant memory.......


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