Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fishbrain: Some girls wanna make me believe it

Hello darls, how are you all doing? Me am doing good in case you want to know how I am faring? Anyways thanks to this sunny Saturday my clothes I washed are all dried out and still no thanks to the day, everywhere is so hot to the point that 'm sweating all over *don't roll your small eyes at me, I hardly sweat just started to feel heat sef for the first time some few months ago since I was born*. This global warming thing is getting worse by the day *dunno*
So I just wanted to drop in and say hi to you guys. My sweet poRatoes. I hope your weekend is going as planned maybe peaceful, fun filled or house chore filled. Erm *scratches eyes* I want to do small amebo before I sign out. Abeg how is it possible for a girl to know her guy is cheating on her and still stay in that relationship?
Like seriously is the guy that sweet both inside and external *wink*. Came across an old family friend yesterday and she was complaining to me about how the weekend was going to be so boring for her. Okay that's how I advised her to go spend the weekend with a friend. Her reply was the person (her guy) she would have love to be with was engaged already for the weekend... "Ehn"? I drawled out. "He is going to spend time with his other babe this weekend, it is not my turn this week"... Hewoo!!! I shouted, I thought she was joking ooh until she asked me if I thought guys date only one girl... "they don't. It's better for him to do it in front of you than at your back"

Kai! My peeps is that how life is now. Meaning such a girl can stay in a polygamous home? Ah! Some people like suffering ooh, the thing even our fore fathers saw and tried to avoid, that is what some children of this generation are 'shooking' their head into. Some girls want to make me believe this fish brain names I always hear guys call some girls. Okay Rella pin your mouth, it's her life and I guess she is happy with it.
My port sorry pout here was really cool but the camera thinks otherwise, you know what.. brighten d pic n see for 
Lemme blow kisses the ajebutter way to you guys...**kisssees**...LOL.
Do enjoy the rest of your day lovelies.
I LOVE you!


  1. Adonbiliv dis......Is it that she has given up on herself already that she cannot get a man that would love only her without her having to share him with another person? She really has a fish brain. She needs someone to talk some senses into her

    Do have a splendid weekend Rella

    1. I still can't believe she was joking with me, but her question makes it all clear. Hey Jummy it's your anniversary in a few days time, Hmmn am thinking of making chin chin for you. Send through courier service, what ya say?..hehe

    2. Hehehehehe....It isn't a bad idea Rella.
      Thanks for remembering. Sweet of u

  2. Lol yes now. Don't you know some people like suffer head. I don't know why girls feel like they won't find another man. Is the world running out of men? Abeg

    1. Even if the world is running out of men it still doesn't justify what she is doing.. How is your health Molola? Hope you are receiving the 'nyansh shooking' well. Kikikiki you self who ever made you believe injection is better than taking drug must be a


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