Sunday, 8 March 2015

Let's give it up for the women! Today is International Women's Day

Mabel, a 300 level student from my school  bought form to contest for one of the top positions in the Student Union Government, this was the first time a girl would boldly stand up to vie for any seat in the SUG. There were about three other guys vying for that same position.
The guys all came to our hostel begging for us to vote for them and we girls always gave them a warm welcome whenever they came for their rallies.

Mabel too started with her rallies, after going round the girl's hostel, she visited one of the boy's hostel for her rallies and on getting to the gate, she got the shocker of her life. The guys especially the ones vying for the same position with her refused her entry into the compound with questions like... " what do you know you want to go and do in the SUG?". She pleaded with them to allow her in, to no avail.To cut the long story short, we the girls all came out en masse to vote for her and she won and am sure she can handle that position just like any other person or guy.

I know this gender inequality issues happen in almost every parastatal of the government and we all need to have a rethink on it and give women equal chances as the male folks. Let’s see past this 'women are the weaker vessels' talk. 'Superwomen' are emerging everywhere like strong nations and it will be a pity for Nigeria to be left out!.

To all the beautiful and hardworking women all over the world especially the African woman, the African mother, thanks for being there for your husbands, children and families.


  1. congrats to her!!! N congrats on ur blog opening, wishin u de very best bloggin has to offer. De fun, de gist, de hate, de love n yes de achievements!!!

    1. Hey Juliet thanks so much for dropping by. Love this statement cos it's got everything to keep every blogger equipped. ' De fun, de gist, de hate, de love and of course the achievements.



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