Friday, 7 August 2015

Candid Pen

Hiya! How's everything over at your end? Work, family, school.. I bet all is well. I think I should stop apologising for my inability to keep up with putting up a post on the blog. It's becoming a routine and an annoying one at that but am gonna say it anyways, I AM SORRY!!!.
So apart from the crazy work schedule last week that made me take a few days off, off this week, something else happened. Some few weeks, I 'met' a guy  through a 'concerned' friend of mine, she called me on the phone one day and asked to give my number to a guy who was looking for a tall and slim girl. I obliged and 'jejely' told her that she and the guy shouldn't expect anything serious from the would be friendship.                                                                  
So he called, Hmmn consistently everyday, always so jovial, sometimes, we chat on WhatsApp.  A few weeks after, he asked me to come over to Port Harcourt Rivers state, where he lives. Told him that won't be possible because of my work. He insisted on me coming over on a weekend. I always stylishly declined or gave an excuse because I knew in my heart that meeting someone new was the last thing I wanted at this phase of my life. And so last week, he begged like his life depended on him seeing me in person that I should come since I took some few days off from work. But I tried to make him see that I took those days off because of the stress and overwhelming feelings I was I am not myself these days as if there are some missing plugs in my life. so just wanted to create some time for myself and try to pull everything together. "Come let's fix it together, let me help you," was his reply. Okay, he sent me some cash, and even though I sensed a not so good meeting between me and H_Y(that's how I saved his name on my phone) because of my mental and emotional state, I set out for Port Harcourt Sunday afternoon and a few hours later I arrived PH. His younger brother welcomed me in because H_Y had already called that he was still in church. Barely 5 minutes later, H_Y entered the house. Usually, when I get to my destination from such a long journey like the one I just had, I get headaches, and sometimes, a small fever. Right where I was sitted in his sitting room, these two were activated. I requested for aspirin, took it and wished I could lie on a cool bed and take a little rest. But not to be because an excited H_Y and his brother were bent on making me 'feel at home'. They tried to engage me in small conversations but I couldn't get past a few short syllables like answering a 'yes' and 'no' to some of their questions. In less than 5 minutes, the once bubbly room was thrown in to an awkward silence invariably because of my 'cold' attitude which I was helpless to improve on as a result of my headache. The brother left with him mumbling some words about me driving him away. And then it was just me and H_Y.. He offered me a drink and something to eat but I refused. And that's how my mood didn't change for the next couple of days. Am back home now and H_Y hasn't called much since then. I have been feeling guilty because of my attitude while at his place but biko I couldn't help it.

Alright unto the next. I just want to say a big hello to a couple of back to back peeps. Really appreciate you all especially for your patience and understanding.. Amaka I really respect that boss writer, always there for a little chick like me, Duru who am unconsciously falling in luff with.. hehe, Gloria, Pheezy and my latest girl Dup  zzy and so many others.. just know that I appreciate you all from the top of my heart.

Okay there is this nomination for an award, every blogger I know has been spearheading at me, Versatile Blogger Award.. Biko will put up something for the award later. Erm.. just want to ask if I can nominate someone that nominated me because where on the blogosphere do I get 15 bloggers who have not been nominated?. Biko y'all answer o.

 It's the 7th day of the month of August, and we still have about 23 days more..  it's never too late to wish you Happy New Month! Stay happy, worry less.. Always keep a positive flow.


  1. My name was mentioned...... #dancingshakitibobo. As for H_Y........ maybe you should try call him one of this days,it's not too much. Girl you looking beautiful Jor.....chai see that smile,it's captivating. Ehnehn biko, I haven't been nominated o.

  2. Darl I will nominate Dups when I put up the post.. in fact you first! Erm okay will try and call him. Thanks!

  3. Darl I will nominate Dups when I put up the post.. in fact you first! Erm okay will try and call him. Thanks!


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