Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Odd Question: Can a child inherit 'prostitution' from the parents?

Over the weekend, I travelled to one of these small but mighty towns in Delta State to see my uncle sorry brother *step*, always thought he was my uncle until a few years ago when my dad corrected that impression. Thank God for Journey mercies, but it was a sorry one, sat close to a kind of troublesome mentally deranged, deaf and dumb lady with a strong body and mouth odour, she kept drinking sachets of Chelsea 'kai kai' one after the other right from the park to our destination. It was horrible! And I made to type a post during the course of the 1hr 15minutes journey but not to be cos each time I try to type, the lady always wanted to see what I was doing and in the process, she ended up pressing her dirty looking clothes and unwashed body into mine.Well I guess all that coupled with the cold breezing in through the windows while I was returning home contributed to my near illness since yesterday. Just wasn't feeling myself today even as fine as I was, I knew I was very fine today! *was in a hurry this morning so couldn't take a min out of my limited time to snap a pic*. Please forgive me for the long absence, the upper week was filled with so much work, a report we were told to submit in two weeks time was suddenly moved down to one week. Also I was typing a post on Microsoft Word when my phone crashed one kind of funny crash where everything blank out leaving only the home screen. Thanks so much for your understanding. Molola, I sight you! I have really missed you all.

Okay that's that, On my way back home, I dropped in to see a former school friend, she offered to fill me in on everything that has been happening in school, I declined 'cos I was having a mild headache and knew I wouldn't be more interactive which could turn everything to a kind of monologue. She insisted that she only needed my listening ears and not my voice. So I obliged, reminding her of how I hate petty gossips. 'girl this one is worth it!', she said. I laughed at that and she started off..

She told me about two former colleagues of mine though they were in Geology option. "Michael and Janice slept together ", she said abruptly. "And so?". But even before I finished utttering the word, I remembered they weren't even dating though they were kind of 'good' friends back then and come to think of it, Michael has been engaged to Janice's best friend for over a year now! The 200l fiancee  heard about the whole ish and called off the engagement. 
Michael couldn't take it, heard he tried to commit suicide, the girl became alarmed and in fear she took him back. While Michael is alleging that Janice drugged his drink and seduced him, Janice is telling everyone Michael raped her. So who are we to believe?.
Let me leave the boy out of this, I want to talk about Janice.  This gurl seems kind of possessed. The relationships she has broken in that school is uncountable. She does all this for fun I think, because her dad is well to do like very well but she sleeps around like mad. Loves exposing her body, I pity the lecturers and students. So I want to ask when and where did such a little girl learn all this? Some say 
high school, really? Then someone brought an odd but not so odd talk, that she probably inherited her wild ways from her parents. Incredible! But looking at it all, it just might be true, were one of her parents the wild type back in the days, she could probably have gotten that from them. The sin of the father on the children?.. I dunno!.
 Like me and my siblings got so many odd things and beautiful traits or habits or whatever from our dad. We all almost write in the same way he does like you couldn't tell the father's from the child and also we all bite on our nails like he does but me I have been able to conquer my own, I hate it but back then it was hard to stop. Also, I and my immediate younger one sits the way he sits, cross legged. Hate that as well and gradually limiting it. So if a child can inherit this much from the parents, bearing in mind that they are not directly related with the blood or chromosome, how much more can a child inherit?

Am I wrong or right?


  1. Eeyah. . . Poor Micheal! Odd question, really... lol. Well, I choose to think you don't inherit these habits, you simply copy them. When you love and respect a person, or even just live in close quarters, you mimic them, completely sub-consciously. You copy accents and mannerisms, my mum has this annoying way of touching her neck with her left hands when she's using her right hands are busy writing or smth., and I find myself doing it too!

    You can always unlearn bad habits. It is not an inheritance.

    PS: Rella, ayaf miss you ooo

    1. See errors. . . smh. right 'hand' not hands.
      left 'hand' not hands

      You see why I like Disqus? I can correct my comments on the spot.

    2. Lol. Hilarious! Thanks for the contribution Amaka. See that Disqus either does not like me or my phone or something. It's not been coming up for days now on your blog. I figured it could be network p or something. Do make special comment platform for me oo.. hehe. Thanks!

  2. Make a comment platform for me too amaka ... Prostitution is not hereditary, but its can become a part of a child because his or her parent do it

  3. Amaka I knew I couldn't be the only one that Disqus have a p with.. hehe. Why are all my readers against my take on this nau? Seriously sometimes even a child who never grew up with his/her parents exhibit some behaviours of their parents. I have seen it happen. Thanks anyways Fisayomi.

  4. Hiya Baby mi... Kai Rella you ehnnnn... Diarisgodooooo... see as you jejely nwayoly analysed the other lady finish... mehnn it's sad to have to travel in rather uncomfortable situations... but what can we do nah... Travel we must.. so... is. Promiscuity inheritable?! My answer... ehmmmm NO!!! It's a choice... I mean I dunno much of biology yeah Baby mi, but I do know that what ever is not Gene related is not inherited but rather LEARNT... I for one believe you and ypour siblings learnt all the whole crossing of legs and biting fingers thingy from watching your Dad Over the years...

    Now not to digress without matching brake... your Janice friend CHOSE the promiscuity life... it wasn't inherited or thrusted on her at Birth... I $mean she learnt and adopted it... Yeah Yeah... I know... I am confused... but this Bae is what my confused mind can decipher... Cheers Bubba... Oya smile for me biko... I said smile ya there blushing...

    Sent on the Go...

    1. Lolz.. am smiling man! Please point of correction, she isn't my friend. See, I can count the number of times my father was home with us from pry 1 to high school. Plus I never got to see his writing till like JS1. So how about that? Moreover, my step brothers have the same style of writing like ours and they didn't grow up either with us or dad. Okay I have heard!

  5. First of all, why is the girl engaged in 200 level? Is that the book they sent her to read? Too early abeg.
    I don't think "prostitution" is an inherited trait buy it could be adapted by the child if she grew up in that sort of environment. Get?

    Yayyyy she mentioned my name *backflips*

  6. Huh?!....Nope! I am not sure what to say mehn....Hiya mami!

  7. Molola!! I wish you could ask her directly, but just so you know she got engaged in her first year. Okay I get, you mean to say she does what she sees her parents doing right? Hmmn one more against me!

    Hiya Ernie.. two more against me.. hehe

  8. It feels good to have you back Rella dear. Please be consistent henceforth biko. I am of the opinion that "waywardness"can be inherited by a child. If a wayward mother births 3 children,let me say 2 girls and a boy, either of these girls could grow up to become wayward while the other would live a decent life.
    There are some traits I for one have in common with my dad, my dad is a very temparemental person which I am too. This thing pisses my mom off to the extent that she would say why is it that it is me of all people that has this kind of character(being the only female) while my bros are so calm
    I just feel that the gene is so strong and nature made it so

  9. Though Some traits are hereditary, I don't think prostitution or promiscuity is one. There are cases where the parents are just so cool right from their youths still their wards turn out wayward.

  10. Im not sure kids can inherit bad habits from their parents, I only think they can emulate them, that's if the parents still do such.

    Some people are possessed sha, Doing bad things make them sleep well.

    Hey Rella! How have you been?

  11. It can be hereditary dear. The urge and ungodly emotions runs in the blood so I believe it can be hereditary..


  12. Yeah!!!!!!!!! Gloria agrees! So elated! Thanks!


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