Sunday, 10 May 2015

Do humans have a limit to their capabilities?..

Hiya Ya all. Glad to have you around again. Phew i've missed this blog like mad in the past couple of days. Am deeply sorry for the inconsistency. Travelled here to come work out some stuffs but it seems the stress of it all is beginning to tell on me, my health not on the best of times right now there is this persistent headache (I refuse to call it migraine) for days now that just wouldn't go, it's almost driving me crazy, I think/reason too much and it hits hard at me. To even gist is a problem and you know how blogging here takes a whole lot of good reasoning.

Ama just return back home 'cos am not getting better, will continue whatever am doing here some other time. So early next week, i will roll back home. Mehn the heat coming from the sun here is kind of enough to power a full mega city for 10years where it to be harnessed.. Rainy season wanna take forever to get here abi, it should kontinew.

Gear up fam! there is a topic here up for discussion. Ehn because the thing is confusing me one kind oo even though I argued it out with so much confidence when my elder sis and I were reasoning it out a few days ago...Lolz So my elder sis happened to give a tailor who is a close relative of ours some piece of material to sew for her. Okay this relative started learning the craft of sewing barely 5months ago and when she finished sewing of my sister's gown, my sister had a bunch of complaints about the gown and unfortunately for me I was the only one at home so she came to me with her bags of complaints. She felt this relative of ours wasn't learning hard enough hence the little mistakes on the hems here and there but I felt she was learning well enough but must have finally reached her KNOWLEDGE LIMIT. Yeah why do I feel a huge percentage of humans have their knowledge limit especially for crafts and skill jobs.

Okay please permit me to rumble from left to right from here on: the thing is that I believe there is a limit to which a man can learn 'cos that is like his limit.. * I told you before, rumble continues* Meet these class of humans... Class A who is so INTELLIGENT and almost like a genius, he watches you do a thing maybe painting or weaving for say a few weeks and before you know it he is able to do same as much as you do or maybe even better. These set of people are extremely good and passion for a project or work is all they need to stay creative and on top.  Then class B are the people who find it difficult to catch some works they are probably learning easily, they can be there for years learning and wouldn't get past one certain stage which to them is the best but which could be a basic to someone else in the same field.  These set of people can't think outside the box of their limit even though they are learning from the best experts in that field. To me it's not the way they are, almost as if they were born that way. This is not about those talks about someone being able to do/achieve all things if only he believes or is determined to. I believe it's about him not being able to reach past his thinking but because there is no pathway or neuro-network to break past his limit. Are you understanding me?.. 

Okay, were these people born this way?, no of course not, because the Bible says God who is the Creator of all things is not a partial God, so definitely He wouldn't give one 'brains' more than the other. what happened then to these people?  I believe it also has to do with being able to hone your God given or learned skills irrespective of your intelligence. Hmmn, intelligence comes in again.. how did the genius become a genius?, overnight? NO. He started working on the abilities to be able to make the best out of anything he finds himself doing and there comes in diligence.. he keeps at it especially from a tender age, he sharpens his senses at any given opportunity and he is a man of endless ideas, "what if I do it like this or like that", he is always asking himself. But the class B does a thing and tag it 'bestest ever' even if it is worse. He rarely ever sees past that horizon no matter how shallow.. am I making sense? Issorite rumble enough before I miss the point.

So what's up clan, what do you think about this whole limit ish?, this is just my take on it and I would like to know yours and please this rumble is open to criticisms and corrections.

Love you all. Stay blessed as we enter the new week. Bye!


  1. Hello, sorry to hear about your headaches, hope you feel better soon.
    I think people are born different, with varying degrees of cognitive abilities, due to different factors.

    1. Hopefully I will be good soonest. Thanks for your contribution. Noted!

  2. Sorry dear, please rest. Been doing a lot of resting myself. About the limit thing, how can you say there's a limit when majority of us haven't even used up to 10% of out brain. It's just laziness to learn jare

  3. Ehhen I believe people are good at different things. We all have different talents.. Don't believe in knowledge limit.

  4. I believe people have different capability... I know a girl that has been trying to learn tailoring for over 6 year she doesn't understand anything(she is not stupid)

  5. Ur limit rests on how much effort u have put into the work....

  6. We can judge a fish by how high the bird can fly. You judge a fish by how fast it swims. Your abilities define your capabilities.

    PS: Sweetheart, how are you today?

  7. I dont want to believe in the knowledge limit...we can do anything we want to, if we put our mind to it.

    Hope you are better now dear?

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  8. Thanks ya all for your contributions and am feeling a lot better now..thanks thanks thanks!

  9. Get well dear!
    About the knowledge limit - well some people succeed at science, others in art - we are all unique.



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