Thursday, 9 July 2015

You can't run away from your shadows

Hiya lovelies, it's your runaway girl once again in the building!!! I've missed y'all a great deal, eh! Calm down with the frown you are throwing at me, biko.

This is what has been happening, I have struggled long and hard before writing this, not knowing if am explaining myself well enough. I have been in some kind of 'am here but not here state of mind', so in trying to blank out a lil' bit of issues/fears am facing right now I unconsciously turned off my faculty of writing.                                                                  
 I have a way of blanking out some stuffs from my head, not like am running away from my problems, because I must definitely face them at one time or the other, so there is no running away from them. I just needed to put myself together, though in so doing, I was 'unputting' my faculty to write. So why I am in this phase which we hopefully faze out soon,  please bear with me.

Not like am going through any real issue, it's a little matter of the heart thing. So thanks for bearing with me.

Sweethearts live your life simply, without them drama, without them pretence, knowing fully well that life is too short or too long, for you to allow yourself the luxury of living it so badly..

I hope it's not too late to wish y'all a happy and fun filled July!


  1. Have a fun filled july ReLla

  2. Habbbaaaaa Rella.... don't break my heart like this nah...**In M.I's ghen ghen voice... This no be wetin we plan from the start nah... This no be how things suppose to be...Issues of the heart ke?! Hell no!!! We are not gonna do this.. Issues of the heart latibo?! Don't do like that nah!!! Ya beRRa than that... Inshort aYav vex... Gimme the boys number.. Lemme and my fellow heavily built men **winks...go and break his Ishi okpukpo head.. #EntersGraGraMode... Holll up holl up holl up... Amma break someboRRy's head eh!!! SomeboRRy hold me oh!!! Inshort someboRRy tie me... Cause my blood e haf boil boil **playing Action Nollywood song on the background ... no boRRy messes with my Baby's heart.. naah... O nemie mie (I think that's it can't happen in Igbo... iThink oh!).. lmao...

    See ehn Rella... Lemme preach for you... My life is a very interesting place not cause it is perfect.. but cause it is like a mixture of Garri, Sugar, Groundut et al (pain, SadneSs, happiness, confusion et al).. Painful today... Exciting today but confusing today still... But the thing is Ayam learning in this my 23 years 7 months and 28 days young and confused life to not over think things... and ayam learning to not live more than one day at a time... Baby mi... You will be fine... Inshort if you wanna go see a movie or club (No I can't Club... My father is in Lagos, remove club)... call me so I wihh follow you... Let's goan chop ya money small.. **winks... Insha Allah yeah... You will be fine Baby mi... **blows wet French moist Sliva filled 3 minute kiss your way... lmao...

    #RellaWhileYouwereAway JdB started doing 120 push ups every morning.. and now has 10 packs and the body of a god... inshort a*whispers CatWoman (Cat walk with Pat **winks) is even tripping for my musclessss... **winks ask her nah... :) iKid

    1. ROTFL.. Duru ya never serious, first I wish to see your lizard packs so send me photos and secondly I really need you to come wrestle with someone for me, as in I want you to maim him so that he will not be able to touch me and move again..

      That dude called TIME! Lolz. Time flies like mad these days man and btw how are you doing? I love what is trending over at your crib, beautiful ladies writing beautifully!

    2. Time ke?! Can you imagine?! I gave you all that plenty preaching for time?! Reall)?! Kai!!! I haf die... Biko it's 4 AM... Just woke up... aYam about to start my push ups... Fear wey dey catch me when I wan start ehn!!! You woukd think I was about to sleep with 7 Virgins... :( Oya go... Ya disrupting my Flow...

      Soundtrack on HT is All the way by Timaya... I am hyped :)... Cheers Bubba... Good morning baby mi :*

  3. We are quite opposite when it comes to facing the matter of the heart sha. I don't "unput" myself from writing. In fact, it is in that gushing of emotions that I write more deeply.

    Sweet Rella, whatever you're going through, know that God loves you BIG. He's right beside you. You'll be fine. Miss you too. *hugs*

  4. Oh dear you'll be fine. Deal in your own way, take your time and get to a great place hun.

  5. Duru I really wish to see your pot belly of a ab body. Your push downs shall not be in vain.

    Amaka we are who we are and the way we handle stuffs differently does make this life more exciting for we all.. right? Thanks girl for always being there.

    Thanks so much for your lovely words @ Lohla

    @Freeactionstory, do have a great July too!

  6. It works both ways for me. Sometimes I zone out, Sometimes it inspires me to write. How you dey darling?

    1. Tomi dear, am doing good like real good..


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