Monday, 29 June 2015

Only a true typical Nigerian can believe this..

They really do not have any logical or plausible explanation whatsoever,  These are probably gonna sound so weird especially if you have never heard of them. what should I tag them as?... superstitions, traditions, myths or...... *complete the missing blanket with your tag after reading*.

Here are some strange myths or whatever I have heard in Nigeria. First off, I have never really tried them all or experienced all first hand, but those who have can literally swear on their lives that these things happen. They are so unbelievable! Okay lemme start with the ones I have experienced..

The weirdest of all is  that a girl or woman who is seeing her monthly flow must not enter a cold room which is a compartment usually the size of a house and it is used for keeping frozen stocks like fisheries, poultry refrigerated. they say if such a woman enters inside the coldroom, the engine which keeps the cold room refrigerated, will stop working. This happened right before my eyes many years ago. Me and my sisters were already forewarned by mum not to go inside her friends coldroom to go get anything when we are on our period. But mischievous me will not have it, I wanted to experience it first hand for real ' cos I have had enough tales by moonlight from them. And so when my monthly flow came, I went to the cold room in pretence of getting my mum's stocks in there. Climbed inside, stayed inside the freezing temperatures for some minutes and climbed out. That evening, mama came home and quietly asked us all who went to the coldroom and is also seeing her period. Heads bowed, I raised up my hand.. "Thanks for making the engine go bad", mum said. "Do you know it will take a huge amount for them to be able to fix that engine? ", and from that day I was banned from entering that cold room. But tell me what connection is there between a woman who is seeing her monthly flow and a cold room engine. Asked my mum this question today but she still does not have a reasonable answer for me.

Then there is one of bitter leaf. They say you can remove or reduce the bitter taste from the leaf by not talking to anyone while cutting it from the branch and also until the food/soup is removed from the fire after cooking.. Na wa oo, I have not tried it though because I don't want to spoil my soul oo..

Another is.. Beans or cow skin (kpomo) can be made to cook easily by adding a spoon (steel spoon) to the beans or cow skin as it cooks on the fire... Hmmn.

Or these popular ones you must have heard already like not sweeping at night in order not to attract evil beings and this one of not bending down your head in order to look through your legs especially at a market...*whispers*.. they say you will get a good defeaning knock from a spirit if you do that, but you can go try, then you tell me how it went later... lolzz!

Please clan, don't think of me as a queer one, I heard and shared here.. nothing more biko.

Oya share yours too with us if you have got any, keeping in mind that that does not make you weird, we are Africans and Africa is full of drama!..


  1. Lol. That's why we're called Nigerians na.

    I also heard it is not a good idea to whistle at night. 'They' said such whistling attracts snakes to the whistler. I don't whistle at night tho. Lol

  2. Oh are right! I don't get it.

  3. Hehehehhehehehhehehehehehehhehehehehhe lmao... This is bloody hillarious... so if a lady is ON and she enters the cold room... Engine e haf spoil be that?! Lmao.. Now that's just epic... Hain!!! It's only Rella that knows this one eh... Okay... on a serious note though Baby mi... **wears straight face... me I think that all these things are just a matter of state of believe... Think about it... for many that believe in these things ( **with all due respect Bubba... like your beautiful Mum) it always tends to work for them... Rella ya just a craze person shaaaa... So if you don't talk while cutting and cooking the leave of the soup... The bitter will automatically disappear... Hehehheheheheh RellaNaija oh!!!!!! This was an enlightening read Bubba and really funny... and the crowd Goes... Oooosssshhheeeyyy Turn uP... Ya just an awesome lady Rella... aswear...

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  4. This is so funny. That's Naija mentality for you. They believe too much in myths

  5. You gotta be kidding about the monthly flow stuff, lol. in my housem we dont mention 'snake' at night for fear it might come out. hehehehe.

  6. The cold room one is new to me oh. I'll ask my mum about that. The bitter leaf one is true, momsy did it before my eyes. The cow skin can also be cooked by putting a fresh nail in the pot. Hahaha all these things are Queer but true oh my dear.

  7. Hmmmm that period and cold room I fear o haven't heard before. I also heard that if a woman in her period makes ones hair you are bound to have boils.

  8. I think am gonna just delete this post... I feel so weird.. hehe. Thank God for people like Tomi.. oo at least her mum have done the bitter leaf thing. Thanks y'all for your lovely and hilarious comments..

  9. Lolz... Welcome to Naija ...we only believe the obtainable


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