Friday, 10 April 2015

Fear of the unknown processes

Hiya fam! How are you all doing? How is the family, mumsy, daddy, hubby, children doing,,, Great I guess.
This blog is beginning to turn personal ooh, everyday me me me! But it is all cool jhoor, it being personal (mine and yours) means we can relate more abi?

 So something happened to me yesterday and I want to share with you guys... *no fear, na small or no ish at all, LOL*. #clears throat, I just finished eating Ogbono soup and fufu *proud wide smile* yesterday evening when all of a sudden I felt like throwing up. I quickly ran to the refrigerator and grabbed a ripe mango, devouring it like I have not tasted anything since the morning. But I was chewing the mango in a rush so I could stop the urge of spewing out everything I ate. Do you know what triggered this urge to suddenly puke everything I have ate out? I remembered something I once saw some months back which was so sickening to my eyes.

During one of our compulsory field work that every Geologist/Geophysicist must undergo for the award of B.Sc in Earth sciences, I and my group members were trekking under a hot sun looking for distinguishable rocks from the massive plutons in one of these Southern states precisely the towns bordering Ondo and Edo states when we stumbled upon some group of women making palm oil the crude or traditional way.
 Chai! Why did we have to see them that unfateful day? They were far out in the bush, while some groups peeled off the palm fruits from the palm kernel head some others were pouring the palm fruits unwashed into a big drum that must have last seen a soap and sponge decades ago. Then came the most sickening part, we saw two women pour the cooked fruits into a dirty mortar and she pounded for some time before pouring into a hole dug into the earth with mud 
mixed with oil submerging the fruits. Pweeeh! "If these are the processes of palm oil production I will never taste anything that has oil in it ever again." one of my group members cried. True to his words, until we left the camp I never saw that guy take any food at the cafeteria, just a bottle of coke and bread I saw him take sometimes. Me I formed bosslin for a day or two saying I will not eat too surviving on milk and biscuits before my resolve fickled out.

The villagers said these rocks are sacred and should never be stepped on by a woman, otherwise....
So the thought of the unhygienic way of processing palm oil which have been used to make the Ogbono soup was what triggered my urge to puke last night and you know what, I was more angry because my mum pointed out so many other things to me.... like I couldn't know the kind of environment they make other produce like 'pure water', bread, garri and so much more. She said "my dear if you want to look out the environment in which these things are produced, you will not eat anything in Nigeria." Please is she 100% correct? Now these horrible thoughts have clawed at my fragile heart *crying* and I am beginning to lose appetite for meals #serious#. Well I am going out to go get some candies and chocolates to pop in my mouth any time that 'evil' urge to puke comes again 'cos I must chal all the chewables in this house....LOL.

And please give me a reason not to believe my mum completely, tell me my mum is not 101% correct. I want to hear your opinion. Have a great weekend! 


  1. Lol your mom is right. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. You have no idea how some things we eat are processed. Like the day I heard the houses make kulikuli by putting it their armpit, I almost wept

    1. You are kidding about the Hausas making kulikuli by putting it in their armpits right? Ayama!!! My stomach is revolting already at the thought. May be I should start believing that saying, 'disease no dey kee African man'. Bcos these bizarre ways of processing foodI am seeing can wipe out a whole nation with sicknesses and diseases. But guess what even with all that, we are still here!!!

    2. Haaaaa!!! Tomi tell me you are joking biko cos I like that thing oo.

      Its just God that saves us from falling sick cos of the things we eat.

    3. I'm not kidding oh. I heard it is the handicapped ones that even make it the most. They'll roll it with their armpit and do all sorts. Mehn I stopped eating it from that day. I can't deal

    4. Hmmn Pat you have heard ooh! Thank God me I stopped eating it years ago... Thanks Molola.

  2. I think your mom is right, well as the alternative there are always fresh fruits and boiled water I guess)
    WIshing you luck!



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