Monday, 25 May 2015

Tales: My Naija weddings

Hiya lovelies! Can't believe we just entered a new week, last week was like a blur to me, can't really figure how I spent the hours but I know for a huge part, my head was buried deep in my new project am working on and the calculations are out of this world. Hence my absence here for a while now.. first, wishing you all a happy new week and I pray it be productive and fun filled for us all.
So I have been going round some blogs and virtually everyone seems to be talking about weddings! Yes weddings as in Naija weddings.. before I start my near rant let me let you all know I went to one of these arrange 3 canopies inside one community primary school field kind of wedding reception early this month and mehn it was da bomb! As in since I hardly eat anything at wedding venues, I was just packing all the packaged rice that was coming my way, drinks were rolling in like mad.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Excuse me ma'am..

Hello friends... how are you all doing? Okay first of all, I want to wish you all a happy, joy filled and fulfilling week. Then secondly want to say a big sincerest thank you to everyone who've shown me love and support especially during this past week. I wish I could see you all and give each and every one of you a tight squeeze to show my appreciation and love in return, anyways do make do with some e-kisses... Muah!!!

Friday, 15 May 2015

When will I see You Again?

Where do I start from? First let me begin by asking the most needful: how are you all doing my dear friends? I just hope life's been fair to you. Please first of all, pay no attention to the post title up there, it's just some lines from a song. I don't know why, Adele's songs keep playing in my head all day. How I have always wished life cycle could go exactly as planned, but we all know how that is near impossible #sighs.. if wishes were horses, then Rella would ride.

I'm afraid things might have to change around here slightly, initially when I started our blog I posted articles just a couple of times  a week. Then seeing that a job placement I was expecting was taking forever to come, I decided to post every day because I practically had no commitment whatsoever.. but now have gotten something that kinda needs my fifth senses in place for the better part of the day. So ama have to cut down my activities here. I will be officially dropping one or two lines here on Mondays and Thursdays. Notwithstanding, I will always come around anyday am chanced in between to say hello to you all. The thing is that I never wanted it this way but most times, I prepare most of the write ups here at night 'cos then my head seems to be more active *chuckles*, is it me just being me or does it have something to do with the quiet at night?  When I say night it means from about 1-4am for me, sadly I need those hours of rest even though I really do not need it per se. But I have to rest and be up at the wake of dawn in order to feel refreshed for the day's task in which I have been blessed with from out of the blues. So there we go, I hope you pardon me and show understanding..

Much love,

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Do humans have a limit to their capabilities?..

Hiya Ya all. Glad to have you around again. Phew i've missed this blog like mad in the past couple of days. Am deeply sorry for the inconsistency. Travelled here to come work out some stuffs but it seems the stress of it all is beginning to tell on me, my health not on the best of times right now there is this persistent headache (I refuse to call it migraine) for days now that just wouldn't go, it's almost driving me crazy, I think/reason too much and it hits hard at me. To even gist is a problem and you know how blogging here takes a whole lot of good reasoning.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Question of the day...

Hiya Beautiful! How is the week rolling for ya and how are you coping with it?.
First want to say am sorry about the no post-yesterday. Not intentional... it was a busy day for me and no good network signal right here where I visited. So I paid a courtesy visit to my school and hell! A lot has happened since I left here, please permit me to talk about it. Do you know that the funny old collation officer for Rivers state in the last presidential elections was a former VC in my school? The funny man that shouted 'Jesus' before he read out the number of votes for PDP in which President Goodluck dust General Buhari the way a Cheetah would to a dog were they to be in a race. So my school have a new VC don't know his name though and I pray the changes Nigeria's president elect have been drumming about won't be anything like the kind of changes this new VC brought.. First He restricted Okadas to just the main gate making me trek for about 10 more minutes, then this man increased the school fees of my friends still schooling here, the fees they pay now is like double of the former amount. Okay that is that...

Also heard a disheartening news.. a friend of mine (though hi! hi! kind of) was withdrawn from the school *sad face* , guess his grades were not good enough. Heard his wealthy parents went to the school authorities to try and straighten things out (obviously with some cash), but it didn't work out and now he's left the school. This brings me to the question of the day... Would you as a parent give your son/daughter money to go bribe/sort/block a lecturer so he can increase his grades? And would you as a student do such? Mind you there is even an option of cash or kind especially for the female folks hehe..

Hmmn, tomorrow is gonna be another (busy) day for me so I might go MIA for the day but let's see how it goes.. Byyeee!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Do you know?...

Do you know the fuel which is as scarce as a coin in Nigeria is totally free like fruits growing in the wilds? Crude oil forms at high temperature ( not greater than 435 degree Celsius) from mostly the breakdown of plants and sea organisms in anaerobic environments devoid of sunlight and it takes millions of years before it becomes mature enough to form crude oil which is then drilled making these politicians feel like they own Nigeria...

Do you know that the minimum metres (international standard) a borehole is suppose to be distanced from a soakaway pit is 100 metres. This is done so the fluid from the soakaway pit won't infiltrate into the underground water. Sad though because most people don't keep to this standard...

Do you know the best place where you can get detailed breakdown of the happenings in sports and politics in Nigeria is at the newspaper stands. There you will see group of men dissecting the front page of newsprints like they read the full story but these men hardly ever buy a paper home..

Do you know that Nigeria is the only country in the world where a man steals 25 billion naira and is ordered to pay just 3 million by the judge in order to avoid jail.. Are you doubting me?.. Google Michael Igbinedion and see for yourself...

Do you know it's only in Nigeria you pay for a birthday sms your bank sends you. It's just to let you know nothing is ever free...

Add yours if you know...

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday!

Am so excited to be part of another Thanksgiving Sunday, I always look forward to every Sunday with so much joy! The year is running so fast, and even though it may not be rolling out smoothly as planned for some, we still got to say a big thank you to God, yes! You and I won't be here today if not for him, I know you agree with me on that. So I just want to say a big thank you to God for EVERYTHING He has done.

Saturday, 2 May 2015


How should I describe you
In your own season you come into my life
And sometimes disturb my plans throughout your stay
I can't say I totally like your visits all the time no no no no..

The last time before you came you gave your usual warnings
And diligently and respectfully I gave you all my attention
You know I hate when you crawl up on me unexpectedly
'Cos then I may not be prepared for you

 I can't hold it no more my anger will I vent out
Don't make me go back on my words
I still have that little childish plan in my head for you
But mama have made me promise her I would drop that plan

Don't you think the pains you bring are too much for me?
Each month you bring your torments without mercy
See am even afraid to write about you
Lest you bring your wrath more on me

The young unmarried damsel prays never to miss you
The expecting wife prays never to see you
It's amazing to know you are the pathway to some new life
Hell you are one of a kind!

Yeahhhhh! It's a beautiful sunny day over at my end, how is the weather like at your end..raining, sunny, snowy for my Western friends *wink* like seriously how do you Americans understand my Wafi English here sometimes...hehe. I hope you are all doing great...Enjoy your day clan!

P.s: Erm *scratches head* am not a poet, those are just scribblings up there. So pardon me and please take them like that..

Friday, 1 May 2015

It's all about you, you and you!

Hey you! How are you doing? glad to have you around again. So am gonna write a couple of things as they come to my head. Am kind of quiet and tired right now. It's 12:23am 01/05/2014 over here at my end. Over the past hour, I have been having some random thoughts and just thinking about them makes me feel sad right now but I know by the time I am done here I will feel a lot better.