Monday, 18 May 2015

Excuse me ma'am..

Hello friends... how are you all doing? Okay first of all, I want to wish you all a happy, joy filled and fulfilling week. Then secondly want to say a big sincerest thank you to everyone who've shown me love and support especially during this past week. I wish I could see you all and give each and every one of you a tight squeeze to show my appreciation and love in return, anyways do make do with some e-kisses... Muah!!!

So am just trying to settle down over at my new settlement, mehn it's not easy oo, waking up early when normally I could be still lazing around in bed by sunset. Hmmn, right now until I can fit in well enough in my cubicle, I might just be a walking humpty dumpty , am not yet use to this terrain,  still painstakingly forming quiet girl all day. Hopefully, this charade would end soon and I can be myself though still not myself, probably another charade but then with a different character while I try to catch the vibe of everything going on around there. You understand?  Don't mind me, so let's leave that aside.

Want to ask a question, I need candid answers please... okay maybe this is probably for more of ladies than guys. Here it goes: how did you react the first time a person addressed you as ma'am?. Ah ah! Rella is that the question you wanted to ask?, Yes ma'am.. hehe. Like the first time someone addressed me as ma'am, I just didn't like it, this lady must be thinking am very old and trust me most ladies don't want to hear that they are old or rather getting old. ehn! But that was not what I felt the first time and never again.  Some women over here where I live can slap your eyes till they pop out of their sockets if you dare call them mama or ma'am. Conventionally, ma'am is a word connoting respect for those who are addressed in such manners but I have come to realise different women see being called ma'am in different light. Like me I don't just like it, I don't like too much formality instead just call me by my name than adding a ridiculous sister, ma'am or aunty. Infact a 10 years old can address me by my first name and I wouldn't mind. But the thing is that even if you don't mind, our African society will mind for you. They will instruct the younger generation to greet with all manners of ma'am of which I am not too comfortable with. Well these days I just have to do with being called ma'am or aunty because it seems to want otherwise will be termed as one being rude or being afraid to grow old.

What about you? How did you react when you were first called a ma'am? Do you feel it should be a thing of joy or pride at being addressed as a ma'am?


  1. I can't exactly remember the first time I was called ma'm but it makes me cringe.

    1. Cringe? .... Lolz... You want typically Nwamaka

  2. You're just like me oh. I hate hate hate being addressed as ma'am. I always tell whoever says it to stop it. Maybe when I'm older and actually a madam then I'll like it.
    Sorry dear, you'll soon get used to the environment. We miss you!

  3. People call me ma'am on daily basis. So I no longer get irritated rather,let see myself as deserving the honor..


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