Sunday, 19 July 2015

Winners never quit.. Quittters never win!

This post is kind of an encouragement for me, you and everyone out there. I hope you get the message clear though.  Winners never quit, quitters never win..these six words constitute one of my favourite inspirational and motivational drive in life.

Even as those six words were my driving force in school, cheering me all through the hunger gut wrenching days, they still form a big part of my life this moment. They came to mind today because I have been trying to make some stuff work but it just won't come out right for days now. Thought to let it go and begone with it, but my mind flashed back to a similar situation I found myself a few weeks ago, it had something to do with the world of Internet. I wanted to make an app work, but no way I tried COUNTLESS times to fix it and even took a few days off from everything but the more I tried the more misplaced everything seemed. I was kind of making a fool of myself to my friends on the app network. Anything I did always came out wrong and I felt ashamed of the mess I was making. I even seeked help from a few friends but no good result from them, even prayed about it to God like I was asking Him for my usual million dollar wealth.. But you know what after a countless more tries, I did it Right! And from that moment I never thought of the shame I felt nor the time I put into it to make it work, even taught someone how to go about it some days ago .. in the same vain, I wouldn't stop
 till I can make this current situation work right.

No matter the hurdle or challenge you are facing today, never give up, I know it may not be easy but if you try hard enough, you can make something good come out of even the most bleakest situation. This thing called life deserves of us, our best, you have to give it your all and go get that right thing. Except on rare occasions, there is no challenge you may be facing now that another man has not gone through or faced.. Always tell your self this: if others have done it before, so can I. Even if no one has ever done it, I can because am exceptional and unique.

Just know that it's not a crime to fail but it's a crime to fail and lie on your back without a plan to rise up. Nothing teaches you more than your successes and failures. You have got to take the risk of failing to find your successes.


  1. Rella this is a really deep one. Oh yes I'm inspired to better everyday of my life and keep trying & giving out my best till i get it right. No I'm not gonna quit, i choose never to..... because i can do it, because i'm unique, because i got DNA of greatness in me and because miracle is just another name for hard effort. Thanks a lot for this, God bless.

  2. This is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing, sweetie.

  3. Thanks Dup I am happy you find it inspiring and to bigger thanks to my sweetheart Amaka. You rock!

  4. Very motivational. Thanks for sharing Rella. Been a while I dropped a comment on this blog oo, be more consistent Rella,this your on and off no gud joor
    How have u been dear?

  5. Consistency!!! Why are you so evasive? Please Jummy dear thanks first for always knocking it on me, even while you were away, ..your beautiful comments like Rella biko be more consistent kept ringing in my head. Can't entirely blame it on work but on my self. Please I will try to post more regularly from henceforth.. thanks for your time here. And am doing good!

  6. Inspired! Never give up on what you love. No matter the obstacles, trials... to quit is defeat. Push harder and everything will fall into the right places.

  7. Thanks for the lovely comment @ Carina Jacob. And thanks for visiting.

  8. Ooooosssshhheeey Philosopher someboRRy... Nice one Bubba... This line got me...

    "This thing called life deserves of us, our best, you have to give it your all and go get that right thing."

    And to it I literally went yeah mehn... truth is Life never gives anyone anything on a platter of gold... We all have to work hard for it.. Sacrifice for it and give our best for it... So at the end yeah... we can lay back and say we Done did it... Nice one Bubba... This was a fun read... and the crowd goes Yyyyyyyyeeeeaaahhhh mehn.

    Sent from Idowu Taylor...

  9. Quitters never win, for sure. Great post


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