Friday, 17 April 2015

Make the mind a better WORKSTATION!

Hiya fam!!! Am back again.... dudun** dudun** dudun** dudunnnnn.....with the busy body eeh... everybody eeh... something dey..... yeah this is the breakdown!!!...LOL
Guess what fam? I have not been able to open blogger for the past two  days *bbm sad face*. In my one sided mind, I thought it was the bad network though I could open any other site. At times when blogger miraculously opens, I click on write post and it doesn't respond, just showing blank page for days. Then something happened, I just got home the past hour and was excited to come online with the super fast connectivity here, lo and behold the same blank page that shows up each time I click new post. I was so alarmed and my joy was temporarily lost thinking my browser or phone was having some kinda fault.
God! I deleted a huge bulk of my dear selfies thinking they might be shaking the phone's head with the huge memory they were taking. Still same blank page I made to go to one of these phone repair houses preferably where I bought the phone and pay with my last cash for services*yes exorbitant t-fares I have been paying has finished my small money*, then I thought to check the browser settings, a function I have never bothered to check since I bought the phone, oya I started to open any feature that was closed and even closed some I felt was suspicious looking *side eyes*. Then I tried the new post again and zounds it worked!!!... Am I not a gwenuis???..LOL.

This goes to let us know the power of a 'big picture mind', I closed my mind to other possible causes of the blogger not opening. Had I think big and deeply it might have been a different case, maybe I never thought to check 'cos of stress from the long journey but still that is not an excuse. My dear readers please no matter what you are doing be it a business or project open your mind to all possibilities. There is a brighter horizon locked in some dark recesses of your mind and can come to life if only you can unlock it!
Am so happy am back. I want to thank all my readers that never stopped coming around even in my short absence. To Jummy, Pat, Duru, Amaka, Molola ,thanks!!!! For all the love. You all are awesome. Abeg if I left you out no vex, my brain is not working in equilibrium yet... hopefully by the time I chal 'house food' it will come to equilibrium. Hmmn, in Molola's voice... *kisses* ( I have got to do small borti too).... LOL.

Wishing ya all a beautiful and peaceful weekend!


  1. To open the mind to possibilities is to embrace the power within you. It works every time. Glad to have you back sweetie!

    PS: Thanks for the mention. :)

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  3. Welcome back Sugar. I missed you oh. Chaiii


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