Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hiya friends!

A gift from me to you, enjoy if you can ! ...hehe 
I graduated from the university last month and guess what?, my special university chose to omit my department and one other department from the list they sent to NYSC, on the ground that we didn't defend our project on time enough, because my department and the other one they omitted were the last to defend meaning I will be automatically going for my youth service in November.
Ok oo, me am not happy at all about it, am now stuck at home, ehn don't tell me to go look for work 'cos I don't like working hence this lazy girl's job am doing (blogging) *shines teeth*, lol. Anyways, I have applied for a job somewhere and will be a working class babe soon when they call me, yes I know they will call me as hot graduate concerned, lol. Ok since I don't have anything doing for now,i will try as much as possible to post a new article everyday here, enjoy!. Oya catch kisses..... Muahhh!!!


  1. Dnt wori before u know November Wil come around n congratulations deary.

  2. Awww... thanks Gina. I can't wait for it to come already.


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