Friday, 20 March 2015

Jam traffic, traffic jam whatever!!!

My chocolahtees, how 're you all doing? Glad to pen down my 2 cents on our beloved Naija issues once more.
I love my country Nigeria, don't you? but I don't fancy the traffic jams across Naija one bit. Was in Lagos on Monday and the traffic gridlock was epic! How can someone be stuck for good 2 hours in a hard seat abi bench molue.
Ohh how I dislike those trucks called molue in Lagos with their un panelled sides hitting into my thin body whenever  the molue enter potholes. Abeg on another level, the transport fare is too high compared to Benin. #200 for one journey, I dey go village? Lagosians I hail you all.

Okay back to the matter, went into town yesterday and the traffic jam was close to nothing I have ever experienced and it got me thinking, how will the traffic jam look like in the near future say 10 years? Maybe one will be stuck 5 hours in one place. Feeling hot already just thinking of it like am in a cramped bus on a super sunny day.

We(government especially), have to look into it because more cars are being manufactured and imported into Nigeria, being bought by car owners plying the same number of roads as it were since 1960... Hmmn it seems more roads need to be created but on whose land, 'cos everywhere is filled with buildings as close to the roads as my fingers besides one another. Well when diarisGod, there is Hope for me, you and Naija our country.


  1. It is well with our great country Nigeria. I sometimes wonder about a situation where a pregnant woman is in labour and needs to be rushed to the hospital,what now happens when this so called traffic jam wouldn't let them get through to their destination.
    Na real wa ooo. The govt should look into this already

    1. Good point there.

      - Hoping for the best in Naija -

  2. Traffic jams are almost inevitable in Logos

  3. Yeah, but at least you guys should be glad you have the BRT, cos it seems the lane it uses is different from the one being used by the molues and other cars. Right?


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