Sunday, 5 April 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday!

#singing# Come and see what the Lord has done for me *3
If it were to be man I will truly pay...
Yes ooh, what the Lord God has done for me can run into zillions of dollar where it to be pay as you go but it's all free!.

No better day to start this great column #thanksgiving Sunday than this beautiful Easter sunday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus and marking freedom for all mankind. What do we have to say? A big Thank You to Baba God. Hey imagine we were to pay for the air we breathe which is like the most important part of living. Many people, I no 1 would have been owing unthinkable huge debts.

On a certain day while still in school in my second year, I was in one of the reading classes cramming away the course I had to write by '3pm'. The course was initially slatted to be written by 1pm, but due to some reasons I can fully remember the time was shifted to 3pm and it was an agreement between we the students and the examiner. I never knew the HOD of the department reversed the time back to the initial 1pm. After writing the first paper that morning, I quickly left the hall for one of the reading rooms. Then the announcement came that the time for the next paper was now 1pm, but by this time I had already left the hall. My course mates tried reaching me, I didn't know my phone was failing network right inside my bag. They searched for me everywhere but I was no where to be found. And so, they commenced the examination by 1pm while I was in another corner of the school reading my head off. One of the examiner that barely knew me called on the class rep to give him my number and so he started dialling, still unreachable. And finally he could reach me, this was 45 minutes into the exam, I ran down to the hall and was shocked when I saw my fellows already writing the paper and even more so when I saw one of them submitting a near empty script with murmurs of the paper being too hard. I was more than tensed as I heard him complain 'cos if I am so ready or know the course very well I wouldn't have gone hiding somewhere in order to grab a few more things into my head just hours to the start of the paper.

Well I will never forget the kind words of encouragement from one of my lecturers as he came to my side and told me I could do it and when the results came out I passed the course by a narrow margin. 

I just want to thank God for this and many other uncountable things he did for me and my family. I thank him for yesterday, today and for the future. He is worthy of our praises! 

Your turn, join me to thank the Lord on this wonderful Easter Sunday. What do you want to thank the Lord for,? if nothing, then for the breath of Life!

Happy Easter and I hope you are all doing well! 


  1. Well congratulations on that, and wish you all the best always!

    1. Thanks for your good wishes B.

    2. There shall be no carry over automatically. God be praised. For the very existence of life, I give God praise.


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