Saturday, 2 May 2015


How should I describe you
In your own season you come into my life
And sometimes disturb my plans throughout your stay
I can't say I totally like your visits all the time no no no no..

The last time before you came you gave your usual warnings
And diligently and respectfully I gave you all my attention
You know I hate when you crawl up on me unexpectedly
'Cos then I may not be prepared for you

 I can't hold it no more my anger will I vent out
Don't make me go back on my words
I still have that little childish plan in my head for you
But mama have made me promise her I would drop that plan

Don't you think the pains you bring are too much for me?
Each month you bring your torments without mercy
See am even afraid to write about you
Lest you bring your wrath more on me

The young unmarried damsel prays never to miss you
The expecting wife prays never to see you
It's amazing to know you are the pathway to some new life
Hell you are one of a kind!

Yeahhhhh! It's a beautiful sunny day over at my end, how is the weather like at your end..raining, sunny, snowy for my Western friends *wink* like seriously how do you Americans understand my Wafi English here sometimes...hehe. I hope you are all doing great...Enjoy your day clan!

P.s: Erm *scratches head* am not a poet, those are just scribblings up there. So pardon me and please take them like that..


  1. Hmmmm....This poem is *lips sealed*
    The weather is freaking hot here. I find it so difficult to sleep

    Na wa for Naija,no fuel,no light,no nothing
    May God help us all

    1. Lips sealed right?... hehe. I don't know if the fuel scarcity is in a way affecting the power supply because for days we have not the normal trickle of light they dish out to my neighbourhood. I am patiently waiting for change come May 29th.

  2. Lol I just knew from the start that it was period talk. Nice! I like

    1. You caught me like a rat in a cage easily...lolz. Won't say nada to you

    2. Really period? Lolz ..mehn poetry is powerfully encoding

  3. Lol..... it should breed gratitude, cuz you'll be worried if there's no visit.


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