Sunday, 29 March 2015

Take a walk in my shoes

They say only the wearer of a shoe knows where it pinches most. Our society today is plunging more into an ignorant act of judging someone before you meet them that is if you even get to meet them someday at all.
How can you judge someone and make hate and hurtful comments about them when you have never cross paths with them in life .?

The kind of hate filled comments you see on some celebrity post is alarming, they smile, people say they are acting like they own the whole world, they keep a passive face , people conclude they are proud and they stay out of the public eye and people insinuate they have gone broke. Can you take a minute to put yourself in their shoes? How will you take the praises and hurtful comments that come from people that hardly know a thing about your personal life.

I was going through a through a friend’s photos on his phone and I came across a young damsel with a very warm smile on her face. 
“Awww, I love this girl’s smile.”
“Can you see she is not like you who doesn’t smile all the time, I wonder how a friend is ever gonna bring you home to his folks if you never smile and keep to yourself most times.” These were the words of a school mate who came to visit too and have hardly been around me 5 hours my whole life. I felt sorry for him and his ignorance and I called him later and asked him the following questions:
“Have I been rude to you anyday?”
“Have I not always greeted you with a smile?”
“Then why did you have to say something like that earlier?”
“Whenever I see you coming from afar, your face is always wearing a frown and it makes me afraid of you.”

Now this is a guy I see on the way and I always gave a wave to with a cheerful hi. He has developed this illogical image of me and that is what he may go about saying to people around. Cool, but you know what I don’t like here is the fact that he has never summoned his wits about him to come ask me why I do have a frown on sometimes.

 I might be wearing that frown as a cover while am inwardly smiling but he wouldn’t know if he does not ask. Am not one of those celebrities you see everyday on the screen with some cool, obscene or questionable behavior, this guy sees me everyday in school and never ask me why I act the way I do but he is quick to judge.  Maybe if he had grew up in the same neighbourhood where you have to form staunch face so some ‘igbo’ boys will not harass you, he will understand.

But now I don’t wear that frown anymore, I know don’t anymore even at the time that guy made that statement, maybe he was tripping or just jealous back then, lolz.
Well, there is something I know, if a man judges someone especially harshly, then you probably are judging yourself pretty harshly as well. For example, you judge what other people do and as a result you are extremely conscious of what you do and that is not healthy for you. 

Well I want to encourage you to stop all these judging of people both friends and foes.  Make sure you monitor your thoughts, look for the positivity in a person ‘cos there is always something positive in a person and never forget how it feels to be judged with hurtful words and lastly FOCUS on your LIFE. Don’t worry about another person’s life, think about your life and ways to move it forward!

My dear readers, what do you think of this issue or do you not agree with me, if yes or no, please let me know 'cos I always love your feedbacks.

I love you all immensely... Tada!


  1. Exactly my thoughts. I wonder why they are so hasty to judge one?
    One should just learn to overlook all of these and never stop being himself/herself.

    1. That is just it. Only you can make yourself happy more than anyone else. So you just have to never let anyone make you feel otherwise.

  2. Turn up Turn up Ladies and Gentlemen.. this Young and totally confused boy abi na man found his way to this Bubba toh sureeeee... and blogger toh sharp baje baje.. and the crowd goess.. Oooossshhheeey! Fileh a dont touch it.. Drops on knees like Bubba, biko haf mercy on me plenty plenty times.. my life has been in all the while biko. i should have been here earlier but my life has been scatterd.comand e get as e be mbok.. **Crying in Spanish..

    You know yeah.. Life is funny.. as we human beings often times complicate it waaayyy too much.. We are all living different lives, on different lanes, but i dont geRRit when a man (generally speaking) just sits in a corner and judges another.. Why! are we perfect?! Are we smarter?! Are we finer?! Baby mi, in my 23 years 3 months and 19 days of existence, life is teaching me to Dance like no one is watching all time every time.. and just live this life with as much passion as I can muster, cause Mbok ehn!!! its never that serious.. and the crowd goess.. Oooossshhheey!

    I am loving it here.. You seem like a very Real lady, plus mehn! you Fayyyynnnneeeeee... can i apply for the Boyfriend position.. **wears Mischievous smile... Do be safe Bubba, and I thank you for believing in the Young and Confused Dream.. Fileh a Dont touch it.. and the crowd goes.. yeeeaaahh mehn.. Oya every borry Icccceeeee....... Oshey! Turn up!!!

    1. Hey Duru you are on another dimension entirely, I feel you are in planet Jupiter while you cruise and come say hi to us on earth once in a and I don't believe you being confused at all, whether as a fact or trade name, you are just out to make the confused 'wise'!!!. Voted for you already and I pray you win, 'cos na you get am....
      Welcome to my blog captain!


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