Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Making that DECISION

Let me rate my self on a scale of one to ten on my ability to make choices (right ones) some few years back in the twinkle of an eye: 2. Yes two, or continue reading and rate me yourself maybe you will raise it higher by a few notch.

Years back, I went to an optician's to get corrective lenses for my eyes. After all the 'checks and balances', the optician directed me to a staff that will go show me where the glasses are showcased for customers to have a pick. He opened the door to the room housing the glasses and I was in awe of the beautiful shades in front of me, some were reflective having gold, brown or black rims, others were just plain lacking blinks and some were just shaped like Harry Potter's.

I made a show of picking them one after the other and trying them on my face. So many sat on top my nose perfectly but I wouldn't pick them. From the moment I saw the array of beautiful glasses I told myself I was gonna try them all. And so I continued, I was almost half way through when the staff attending to me asked "are you going to try them all on?, I answered in the affirmative as I tried out another of the fancy shades. I looked the guy in the reflection of the mirror and felt guilty with the bored and tired look I saw on his face. "Please pardon me I said, am bad at picking stuffs like this especially when it is in great number like now." He offered to help me and hearing the enthusiasm in his voice, I obliged. He soon got tired when he saw that I was no way near ready to settle for any.

See the Nwa teacher lenses I eventually picked.
Eventually I picked one that looked comfortable enough but I can count the number of times I have wore it either during 
exams or continuous assessment because I grew tired of it almost from the first day *am kinda stupid like that sometimes*, lol. If only I could go back there now and get a new lens I wouldn't 
spend more than a minute there 'cos am better equipped now at knowing what I want. 

Most people like me may have a pretty hard time making choices when presented with many options but were it to be fewer like: stand in the rain and get drenched or go under a nearby shade and keep warm, it would have been easier. When presented with so many numbers just like the ceiling to floor array of glasses, we could be at a loss of the right option to make. 
Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you have to make big decision that can affect a big chunk of your life, relationship or business in the future 'cos a wrong decision could bring grave consequences. That is why when making some 'big' decisions, you have to take a few minutes to look past the immediate effect and think of the positive or negative effect in the long run. You don't make that choice based on the choice of Mr A, it may not work for you the way it turned out for him. Sometimes, mostly in relationships, we block our minds to the future effects of our choices or decisions and think about today just to cuddle one self's in the seemingly perfect today. I know it's good to think positively, but broadening your mind to a probable negative effect may help in guiding you when making that big decision.

If you are finding it hard to reach that big decision, you could pick a sheet of paper and write the positive and negative effects that decision could bring in the long run, no body knows you more than YOU, pray without ceasing, weigh the pros and cons and go with the better. A successful man today is not all about the success you see, it's about the processes, actions and decisions he took and how these decisions worked for him, the life you are living now is as a result of the decisions you made yesterday. 

Well I want to give a few choices you must make everyday to live a happier life..... the choice to smile even in the midst of tribulations, the choice to love, the choice to keep forging ahead even when all looks bleak, the choice to be happy with yourself and everyone around you, the choice to forgive and the choice to make the right choice!

Do you have any other ways to help make the right choice 'cos I know there should be so many I could not have written on, Pls kindly share with us. Merci!


  1. Rella!!!!!!!! Rella!!! *crying* see what I posted today too. I made a BIG DECISION today. Scary! *crying* how could this be???? Choice. . . !!!!

    1. Like I commented on your post over at your blog, just stay strong and pray! You are stronger than you may even know. Girl that decision you took is the biggest, toughest decision have ever seen a girl take.


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