Friday, 24 April 2015

Deja vu: When feelings roll out in exact manners like you have felt before...

According to The Urban dictionary, deja vu (French word) meaning 'already seen' is the feeling that you are doing something that you've already done before. Have you ever had a feeling you are doing something you have already done before, Hmmn yes we all do repeat or say something we have probably done before like say 'hiya fam' or 'how are you doing today', 

Like I always feel I am sitting on this sofa when in reality I am seated on my mum's hard stool at home. 
But you know what clan, deja vu is different, if not because you know you really have not done or said something you are saying or doing that moment you would have thought otherwise... Deja vu is nothing more than a feeling clan even though the actions or words seems to repeat out in the same manner. 
I have had quite a number of deja vu experiences and some happened in a way that made me think if they were like a form forewarnings to me concerning the dangers that may lie ahead. Remember in one of my previous post, I said something about robbers coming to rob me in my shop. Just a few minutes before they walked in silently, a passing thought or scene played in my head. I saw a gun being waved in front of me and I laughed out loud and told my self I will probably wrestle the gun away from anyone that tried that with me. And a few minutes later I saw a LIVE gun being pointed at my chest this time I could see a face and hand to it unlike before. As soon as they pointed it at me, I did a quick scan of the environment around me, I could see the dull glow of a light bulb  from one of the numerous beer parlours in my neighbourhood, heard clearly the music from a speaker as it blasted, even saw my mallam neighbour sitting in a corner as he pressed his mobile radio to his ears just in front of my landlord's huge old house. Then I looked at the guy holding the guns' face and he seemed to think I was looking to catch a picture of his face maybe to tell the police later for he yelled at me that moment to drop my gaze. You know what I wanted to make sure I was not in some kind of dream that's why I was looking everywhere  around me but I soon knew it was real when the guy pointing the gun at me pressed it to my chest and I felt the coolness of the metal gun. See, that moment was one of the scariest for me since I was born. I quickly gave them what they asked for and the ones they didn't even though they didn't know I had them on me. I gave them ALL. 

Then I was thinking later, should I have left/closed the shop when I had that feeling or scene of someone pointing a gun at me, okay how was I to know it was gonna turn out real. This feeling of deja vu doesn't just happen everyday and it has got me wondering if it 
does happen for a reason maybe to warn us of some danger looming around the corner or some sign that all is well with our souls/future. 

So tell me, do you even believe this deja vu thing or maybe you have experienced it one time in your life. Erm * scratches head* isn't there a spiritual implication to this 'cos it seems in a way the person who experiences it is kind of a seer abi prophet...hehe. 

Big thanks for all the post birthday wishes from Ernie, Lohla, Mahka, Duru, Molola, I appreciate you all.

Do stay true to yourself and have a peaceful weekend ahead. 


  1. You are so on piont sometime when something happens in my life I always have d feeling that I have experience thet scenario before. Most times I just assumed that maybe I dreamt about it.

    1. Yeah Gloria some do feel like you have dreamt about it or something. Thanks for dropping by..

  2. De ja vu- that moment I think I've known Rella for ages. *stares at the pic again*

    1. This your deja vu strong ooh. Keep staring you will see that I am your next door neighbour in the compound you stayed in 10 years


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