Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Yeah We made it, I made it, you made it. We made it to the second quarter of the year and for me it is an honour to see this day and month.
Late February I was so sick after my exams that I cried nights on end for God to end my torment one way or the other and He chose to end it by restoring my health, He could have chosen to end my life if He wanted but He made me live and for that I am ever grateful. He is a merciful God! I will be introducing a new column soon: THANKSGIVING SUNDAY where we all come in to thank God for our lives and family's and friend's. I will be starting it this first Sunday and subsequent Sundays it will roll out, I know we are supposed to thank God everyday, yes I do and know you do too, but we are setting outside every Sunday to specially thank God on this blog. For those who are too shame shy like me to climb the podium at church to thank God for one thing or the other, you are not paying any offering, just type your appreciation to Baba God here and what do they call him?, Omnipresent meaning He is everywhere and He will surely see your appreciation. This is gonna be a good avenue for you to let God know you appreciate what He has done, what He is doing and what He is yet to do. So make sure you are part of it this coming Sunday.

I want to specially say a big thank you to you all, you are all becoming both friends and family to me, your encouragement and readership is deeply appreciated by me. Even with all my gbagaun and sometimes boring gist you guys never complain. I pray God richly bless you and grant you all your heart desires as you enter this new month.

And guess what? This is my month, my birthday is 22nd of April, am not a birthday freak girl *sad face* hopefully that  has been broken by virtue of this post, but that doesn't mean I am never grateful to God for a new age. In fact this is the first time I am voicing out my birth date to someone, you won't believe I even hid my birth date from public on Facebook, lol. Am a freak right? Well lemme not say anything more on that. Erm, *wide 32 smile* in case you have a present for me please add Chocolates or just bring only chocolates.... hehe just kidding ohh!

 Happy new month! Love you.


  1. Happy New month to u and blog visitors. May God grant us all our heart desires as we step into this new month and yes am grateful to God for the breath of life
    This month is a special month to me and mine. Its my wedding anniversary month.
    Baba twale Sir

    1. Double celebration in the house! Jummy Pls let me know the date precisely. Happy anniversary in advance.

  2. Can u pls chose for me?I went to d Registry on d 18th but Trad, Nikai and reception was on the 27th

  3. I think I will go with 27th if that is okay by you. I can see that day carried the better part of the wedding ceremonies.

  4. Happy new month Rella...


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