Monday, 30 March 2015

Internet Dating Palaver

The things social media have caused ehn especially in this our Naija, I will narrow it down to just dating. You meet someone over the net maybe through Facebook, matchmaking sites,  Badoo(where you can meet your spouse with relationship status: unmarried) or on any
other social platform and boonbaa! you both strike a chord and become inseparable lovebirds.


Well have been part of this network sometime ago precisely 2009. But I think mine was one of those telecommunications meet someone thing via text messages. That's how I met one guy ooh, he would call for minutes on end and kai he had this cool butter like masculine voice. I never asked for his pic and he never asked for mine either. A month later, we both planned to meet at a popular eatery. I got there before him and got seated, of course I didn't order even bottled water 'cos I had only t - fare for return home.

Was enjoying coolness coming from the air conditioning unit  when I got his call that he was outside the eatery and I quickly told him to come inside describing what I was putting on for him with so much excitement in my voice I was trying my best to hide. Some minutes later a guy with bland looking features sat opposite me with a smile on his face.

"How are you doing Rella?" What? This guy just called my name. I couldn't believe this was the same guy with the butter voice I have been talking to hours on end on the phone.

"Erm, are you Praise?". I asked praying in my mind he would answer no with an excuse telling me maybe my real Praise was caught up at work or traffic.
"Yes." he answered with that smile that did no good to his facial features.
Come see sweat all over my body with the air conditioning unit blowing full force. I couldn't believe that this guy with Papa Akpors kind of clothes on and voice now beginning to sound like a cricket cries to my ears was same guy over the phone. He was just talking and talking and I was just staring. it was there he even told me he is a pastor with one of these fire burn water churches, something he never told me before and when I pointed that out to him, he told me I never asked.

"Rella you haff belle full today." I silently told myself. I just gave him 5 minutes more so it wouldn't look like I am running away and I picked up my bag, told him bye and left. From that day his calls intensified and my interest in him got dashed completely. We were talking on the phone one day when he dropped a bombshell that he wants to marry me and that he has told his people about me. Then and there I warned him not to call me anymore, ehn 'cos no need hiding 'cos I don't like him one bit.

He eventually stopped calling after many warnings, lol but he recently showed up on Facebook last week with marriage matter again and I just behaved like I didn't see him and his message. LMAO. Hmmn, maybe I made a sexy hunky guy out of him from his voice *naughty foolish young me* and was too disappointed to see otherwise...lolz.

Well, Internet dating have sure led to some beautiful marriages and homes and some amazing awesome friendship but maybe it is not just made for me 'cos I met a guy over some magazine dating column whom I dated for some years. That relationship has affected me in both good and bad ways, to be discussed another day or never at all.

I know most of us have experienced/tried this internet dating thing one time in our lives, right? Oya share your experiences with us, did it work for you or tell if you are still rocking the relationship now sef...

Happy belated birthday to my beautiful friend and blog reader Beatrice (first pic ooh) and to all BVs born in the month of March.

Have a great week ahead, muahh!


  1. Lmao. This got me laughing really hard. I am being reminded of how I tried to mingle via telecommunication thingy too when I was much younger
    This guy and I became friends by sending text messages to each other and a couple of days later,he called me and said he wanted us to meet one on one
    I suggested a fast food close to my house. I got there before this guy,sat and waited for him. He came to join me some mins later
    Lo and behold, I felt so disappointed when I saw this guy. He was staying somewhere in Orile. His nails were so dirty, to say his nails were dirty sef is an understatement.
    I had to ask him what he was doing for a living,he said he was an Engineer. I further asked him the kind of Engineer he was, he now said mechanic.
    I was dazed and was like God forbid bad thing,na there I told d guy that I was leaving, he felt so embarrassed. Wetin concern me? I left sharpaly.
    This guy didn't stop calling me afterwards o as him see fine girl na.
    I was blunt enough to tell him not to call me again that we weren't of the same callibre
    This dating site thing works for some people. Happy for them but for me, I never tried it again

    1. Lol, this one is wa ooh, mechanic. Abeg finally you do am well! He is the kind of person you will never regret 'dropping' no matter what he turns out to be later in life e.g millionaire. Who cares....

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  3. Lmaoooo Papa Alford, fire burn water. You're hilarious girl. I guess we all have one of such stories. Lol
    Molola's Blog

    1. Yes we do have. No better way to describe his clothing dear. You might have even ran away that moment had you seen him, lol

  4. Hahahahahahah......very funny

  5. Ohmigosh! I had a good laff. I have never tried internet dating, never got interested. I just believe in the real world.

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    1. Sweetie what do you mean by real world huh? Internet dating is da real world jhorr with guys having butter voice, lolz.


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