Monday, 13 April 2015

See Gobe work....LOL

Heello! Top of the hour to you all.... I hope your day has been productive like mine...hehe.
So I can't remember ever doing what I did today but am so proud of my self and I know mama will be so happy when she returns, too bad I won't be around when she will arrive home so I can form hardworking daughter... lol. Am on my way to the Finger of God state *decipher that* to pick up some stuffs.

This is what took my time all day hence this late post, seriously I think I should shift my daily post time to something around this hour because my African time is getting out of
My mama brought tubers of cassava from no where yesterday and said I must peel it or rather begged me to peel it and I asked her, how she expect me to do something I have never done before. I vex small first ooh, but as I got on with it I found out it was not that bad and before I knew it, I and my sister were done with it already though I cut my fingers a little ooh.

Funny enough I don't like garri or eba at all,,, so if mama had threatened not to buy any more garri if I don't peel the cassava I would have been more than happy to hide in my small room but she just calmly told me to help or else the cassava will go rotten in a matter of days... Na so ooh like play am now a small scale farmer *shoki ahn shoki*.

Since we moved to this area about four years ago, mama have turned virtually everyone in this house to a farmer. Rain falls heavily, everybody out go and look for snails, sun shines, everybody out go and brush the yam...

I can't believe my bus just left the park being that I left the house since 2pm. Went to my bank to collect my N1000 I have been pampering in the bank for ages, they said they can't give me my OWN money 'cos I have not done one BVN. Took forever for them to attend to me, all those snail bankers.

NB: Wrote this post since 3pm but network said I can not post until 'it' is happy... not my fault that much biko.... Thanks for ya understanding



  1. Because of your sense of homour, I forgive you for the late post. I have done that cassava thingy before with my mum, very tiring I swear.

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  2. lolz Funny write up. But have not been privilege to do this.... while Am waiting f for that day lolz.

    I did my BVN since na the lady day use am beg me self inside bank ..............
    Thanks for dropping by we hope to see more of your comment

    1. Am definitely gonna come over as much as I can. Thanks Mavin and you are always welcome here.


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