Sunday, 23 August 2015

Encrusted with Grace

Just when I thought I would never see the light, a ray of light flickered across the horizon of my life. Hey! Watch me, I'm going to make a fiery glowing ball out of this ray..
Hiya! Hmmn.. first off, work and bad network are stylishly keeping me away from the blogosphere, Am either working in a place where there is strong network signal and of course I won't be able to blog then 'cos of my work or vice versa. I moved to a new city, hence the network fluctuations. I sincerely beg, please bear with me, in a couple of weeks, I should be out of here... thanks. 

In my life's journey, I have come across two different set of people.. there are those who think so highly of me, they feel I am supposed to be the best in anything/field I find myself and there are others who think I am too weak, like I can't make a naira out of a kobo nor achieve much in life. Even though I usually surprise both parties, but the latter group of people always get the biggest surprise. They always make me fear they are going to swallow a fly down their throat with the way I see them leave their mouth AGAPE each time they see me climb 10 steps higher...LOL. But am just getting started. Good to know I have God Almighty engineering the course of my life! 

Mehn life is too short or too long for you to allow yourself the luxury of living it so badly. Just know that obstacles and problems can't stop you, only you can stop yourself. Sweetheart hope you are making every minute/day of your life worth the while..


  1. Nice read! Tnx for sharing.
    Hope u are fine?

  2. Am good Jummy.. Thanks for coming around, Appreciated!

  3. Weldone Bubba.. Keep winning.. And keep Slaying.. Oluwa gats you baby mi.. :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I'm inspired I tell you,like this is for me. Nice one and keep it up.

  5. O yes i am.. Please come out of that place fast... Wish you the best dearie..

  6. Where is Rella? Does anyone know abt her whereabout?

  7. Grace it is.... Tnx for d post....


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