Friday, 1 May 2015

It's all about you, you and you!

Hey you! How are you doing? glad to have you around again. So am gonna write a couple of things as they come to my head. Am kind of quiet and tired right now. It's 12:23am 01/05/2014 over here at my end. Over the past hour, I have been having some random thoughts and just thinking about them makes me feel sad right now but I know by the time I am done here I will feel a lot better.
I just want to reach out to some group of peeps out there... the ones that have never had an iota of belief in themselves, you know what clan that is one of the worst thing that can ever happen to a man: unbelief of one's self and abilities. Your words of encouragement to these category of people is like words falling on a hard rock it will yield no result. This folks' biggest problem is just unbelief. Funny though to think that that could be a man's biggest problem, and next comes fear for them. This two (unbelief and fear) holds them ransom and makes them stagnant. They fear to venture into any business or trade, they don't believe they can pass that exam they have sat for, they don't feel they can get past a few first steps.

My 2 cents please.. I just believe there is nothing a man cannot do if he has his own backing wholeheartedly in body, spirit and mind. You are who you think you are, a success, a failure, a nobody. Never let negative thoughts fill your mind they do nothing more than weigh you down and slow your race, make a wall of positivity around your mind. If you are finding it hard to do it on your own talk to a matured mind about it and also find that thing/person that inspires you, there is always something/one that inspires us. Take time out to have some moments for your self and look back on your journey so far, see if you are still on the right track. I feel a man's best friend is himself and if you are not there to believe in him and stick to his values, who will? You are the Biggest fan of your self, it takes more of you to build an empire than a thousand paid staff.
And finally never seize to seek God's help in prayer, He is Someone I know that never fails. Take time out to seek in prayers.

I pray you find yourself while the sun still shines, a man does not stay young forever neither does he live forever, don't be lost in self unbelief and miss out on one phase of life so you won't be caught up in the learning/ working  phase when you should be earning or returning..

Welcome to another beautiful month fam! I pray it be productive, fulfilling, fun filled and one filled with happiness for you all...

How would you describe last month? Did you have set goals for it, how far did you go in accomplishing them?
Now describe how you want this month to turn out in a single sentence, Happy new month!



  1. April was awesome. I got myself a better job to resume on Monday,thank You God. I believe May will be even more awesome cos He never sleeps nor slumbers

    1. That's great news Jummy I hope you enjoy your new job..

  2. Yes. I am who I THINK I am. Oshey!

    Happy New Month Rella!

    1. Love your Oshey vibe! *smiles* And happy new month to you too.

  3. Rella u got a lovely blog here ... Just what I needed to hear


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