Sunday, 22 March 2015

Ladies get in here and rate your COOKING PROWESS!

My first 'flied' rice three years ago precisely Christmas day *wide smile*, Yay or Nay?
Mama Blessing was a young mother of two, with a hot curvaceous body, a belly so flat it earned the envy of other mothers and even unmarried girls with a pretty angelic look, she could pass for an unmarried bubbly girl without kids. It's not easyforamotheroftwotohaveandmaintainsuch a nice figure especially in our country Naija with all the eba and poundo yam always within reach.

 Her husband must be so blessed and happy to have such a beautiful wife I always thought to myself each time I see them pass by.

I got the shocker of my life when I heard Mama Blessing's husband threw her out of the house and brought in another woman that same week. "But why?", I asked my neighbour, "the husband said since the three years they have been married, Mama Blessing have never put pot on the cooking stove to cook for him or the kids", "Yeee!", "she buys food for the husband and kids morning, afternoon and evening because she says she is not USED to COOKING and that she can barely cook, so the husband couldn't bear it no more, he sent her packing and brought in a new woman to warm his bed and cook for him", my neighbour supplied more gossip to me.

Until we left that neighbourhood a few years back, Mama Blessing never returned to that house, the husband never allowed her in even with all her family pleas. My question is could this scenario have been avoided? All the hubby wanted was a good wife who would  care for him and his kids even as he reciprocated. Many men have found themselves stuck with these kinda women and many have resorted to having concubines with good culinary skills unknown to their unsuspecting wives. Maybe why growing up Mama Blessing never entered or tried to help mama  out in the kitchen not wanting to soil her polished nails. Mama will always cook something for me, so she relaxes.

I have seen many ladies who can barely cook jollof rice talk less of indomie especially during my university days. Choi, you taste their meal and it is either tasteless ,or filled with seasoning cutting into your taste buds. Well my advice for them all because no one is perfect though, keep trying your hands at different meals, or try And draw close to mama whenever  she is cooking or better still get a cookery book. It's gonna be worth it in the long run. Ladies We all need to learn how to cook good tasty delicacies for our husbands(future husbands included, lol) so as not to cry like a baby when hubby goes out chasing one young sissy chef or worse send you packing like Mama Blessing. It's never too late to start learning now that you are still single. As the saying goes: Make Haste why the sun shines!

How 're you all doing?, Hope the weekend was wowza!
Do have a great week ahead. Love ya!


  1. Lol I cook well even though cooking is not my hobby. But atleast no woman can steal my husband with food. Lool

    1. Lol, @ at least no woman can steal my husband from me. None ever!. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a print behind.

  2. Lol. Just reminds me of a movie where funked Akindele said 'mi o le teba sugbon mo le gbomj eba Ka na. But seriously, I don't know y some ladies say they can't cook buh then there ar men can cook really tasty foods. I love cooking and even trying out new foods. So u can call me a foodie sorta.

    1. That means just like 'Molola above, no one can take your husband from you, lol. Thanks for stopping by.


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