Friday, 15 May 2015

When will I see You Again?

Where do I start from? First let me begin by asking the most needful: how are you all doing my dear friends? I just hope life's been fair to you. Please first of all, pay no attention to the post title up there, it's just some lines from a song. I don't know why, Adele's songs keep playing in my head all day. How I have always wished life cycle could go exactly as planned, but we all know how that is near impossible #sighs.. if wishes were horses, then Rella would ride.

I'm afraid things might have to change around here slightly, initially when I started our blog I posted articles just a couple of times  a week. Then seeing that a job placement I was expecting was taking forever to come, I decided to post every day because I practically had no commitment whatsoever.. but now have gotten something that kinda needs my fifth senses in place for the better part of the day. So ama have to cut down my activities here. I will be officially dropping one or two lines here on Mondays and Thursdays. Notwithstanding, I will always come around anyday am chanced in between to say hello to you all. The thing is that I never wanted it this way but most times, I prepare most of the write ups here at night 'cos then my head seems to be more active *chuckles*, is it me just being me or does it have something to do with the quiet at night?  When I say night it means from about 1-4am for me, sadly I need those hours of rest even though I really do not need it per se. But I have to rest and be up at the wake of dawn in order to feel refreshed for the day's task in which I have been blessed with from out of the blues. So there we go, I hope you pardon me and show understanding..

Much love,


  1. It's okay Rella and thank God for your new commitment.

  2. Congratulations Sweet Rella! That's more like good news than bad. You have been promoted to a new experience. Just enjoy the moment sweetie!

    Will check on you on Mondays and Thursdays. Love you.

  3. Hian!!! Rella. Bia woman dont come and be doing rough play oh! You want to gimme high B.P ni?! Which one is when will i see you again?! mehhnn Afraid catch me with 2 hands now now noo be small oh! I was a tad scared cause i went and came and thought that maybe by a you were quitting this blog for the other ( I hear there are 2 oh! Bikonu Illuminate me Jo.. Show me the way to the other :) ).

    You know yeah.. Life hits us when we least expect.,. Same way does money, love and a career.. But all in all yeah, we have to step up and take them by the horn when they do.. I am mega proud and ecstatic about and for you bae.. Just sha share the money equal like PDP at month End. :p I haf talk my own ni....

    Mondays and Thursdays isnt that bad nah.. **Whispers.. i wonder how you guys that post everyday do it!.. hian! that thing Eez not a joking sturrvvzzz oh **Clean sweat.. It is always fun to read you Rella as you are soooo full of life like Fanta.. Please keep slaying, keep being you and keep radiating happiness like the sun.. cause you Rock... and the crowd goes Awwwwgghhh :)

    P.S; Biko have you met in my head you guys are like twins.. **Shines teeth. Ooooosssshhheeey!

  4. Awww I'll miss youuuuuu. Congratulations dear.

  5. Oh and that song eh. It was my most played song when I was heartbroken one time like that. Funny enough I was listening to it this morning and reminiscing. We are kindred spirits oh Rella

  6. Awwwww Rella. I have been worried about but thank God for the good news. I wish you nothing but the very best in this new commitment of yours. May God bless the work of your hands.

    Nothing dey happen, we are still together. One love Rella dear

  7. #blushingdancinghappy! Ya all rock! I really really appreciate all your warm wishes and love you've all shown. It can only get better!


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