Friday, 3 April 2015

Make PERFECT happen!

Hello guys! How are you all doing? Me am fine *shines 32* 'M freaking happy, don't even know why, maybe I do or maybe I don't...bottom line: Rizzy is happy and I hope you are too.
Funny how people save every spare penny they 've got for a trip to 'wonderland' and misses virtually every opportunity they have to make that trip at the end of the day. Picture this: Mr Akpors works at X company on a 9 to 5 job, he works his a** off Monday to Friday at his desk, on this very hectic day at work,  he stands up for a few minutes to flex his stiff muscles, goes for his usual coffee break and once again he imagines himself far away from all the hassles at work, he pictures himself in his little white shorts lounging by a rented boathouse over looking a serene waterfront with a coffee sitting on top a side stool, creamy like he likes his coffee and nothing like the black coffee the company served them. He pictured himself still, just going out to the local island bar each night, a few bottles and nothing more, then he returns back to his quiet small rented room, read a few lines from 'the perfect life' before retiring for the night. I can't wait for that trip to come already he tells him self as he shook himself away from his wild heart.

But the company dished him his annual leave letter starting just next month and Mr Akpors didn't seize the opportunity to live his life long dream. "I want everything to be perfect, I need to go for my trip the perfect time and I need to save just enough money to get more than an economy ticket. So I will just wait for the Christmas festive period to get here before I go." And zoom, the year roll by, just a month to his planned departure, he gets an emergency to come see his mama that suddenly fell sick as soon as possible at the village. He can't leave work especially now there was lesser workforce around with few of the staff on leave. The company counted on him so much now especially in his department. And so he plans his inevitable visit to mama for whenever he could grab a break from work. The festive period is finally here and he makes preparations to go see mama, just as he packs his luggage, he sees the ticket he bought already way back for his trip and suddenly an overwhelming sadness hits him. He is drawn between visiting mama and going for his trip and he picks the greater need, mama. "Another perfect time, another perfect day for MY trip," he says to console himself. 

And so the new year comes by and Mr Akpors spend literally every spare time just dreaming away that never be trip of his. And he seems not to find joy much in most things he does now. Why? That enthusiasm is not there anymore, the thought of not making that happy trip hunts his soul. In his mind, just the thought of his trip could have been a healing hand to his stiff body most nights, a boistering friend when the going goes rough, if only he had made the trip!

But he had a chance when he got his annual leave but he felt the time was not perfect or right enough. Does he have to wait for the festive period, he could have made a great day out of the normal but no he was waiting for the perfect day, the perfect time and there he had the MISS! 

My dear there is nothing like the perfect time or a perfect life for anyone, don't wait for you to hit the millions before you give, don't wait for you to get more busty before you rock that dress, don't wait for the perfect visitor before you drink that champagne, don't wait for your savings to hit the #10,000 mark before you start that business, don't wait for the perfect idea before you start that project!

Start rocking your imperfect life as best as you can whilst you wait for the 'perfect'. The sad truth is that many of us waiting for the perfect time before we do something may never do that thing at all. Encourage yourself, embrace your challenges and use the most little avaliable resources to create the impossible instead of crying about what you don't have or can't afford. Watch out you just might become trapped in the quest for a perfect life and zounds, happiness and joy is lost.

 For me the universe is a sphere of endless possibilities. To be imperfect is better than nothing. Never fear to give things a try. I choose not to sit around waiting for the perfect time, I am gonna make PERFECT happen now!. What about you???.


  1. Yes ooo. Why procrastinate until that opportunity is lost? Nobody knows tomorrow,one should make perfect happen now
    Good read Rella

  2. Thanks Jummy... glad you like it.

  3. Replies
    1. Tosyne dear, Thanks for visiting and nice blog you have got, one of the best WordPress blog across.

    2. We should learn to make each moment count. And make the best of each day. Nice.

    3. You took the words right out of my mouth Okeh, we should always try as much as possible to make the best of each day... Thanks dear.

  4. Great article, Rella! Life is full of imperfections - imperfect people, impetfect events, and imperfect places. We miss the beautiful moments when we fold our hands (and complain) to watch life pass up by. We gotta seize the day and create the life we want.

    I wrote an article about falling in love with life here>

    I'm leaning to love my imperfect life perfectly. Life is too short. :D

    1. Yeah Amaka and I just grabbed a new phrase from you: I am learning to love my imperfect life perfectly. Thanks!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing, great message!


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