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Secrets to an acne free skin

This is a pic I took last month
At one point in our lives, five out of every ten adults have experienced acne on their faces. I have experienced it first hand and I bet you it can cause so many things to the individuals affected from shame to depression. For me it nearly ruined my life, yes let me put it that way, am almost moved to tears as I write this *takes a deep breath*.

No need going into the medical causes of acne, that's not the reason for this post, right?.  It all started during my second year in school, before then my face was as smooth as that of a new born. I actually did get a body cream that year different from the one I normally use and I feel that is one of the causes of acne that suddenly crept into my face, saw it on a fellow student's locker ooh, told her I like her skin tone
and she told me she uses that product ( won't say so the name as not to rubbish the product, but I feel like though
because the price tag of that body cream is alarmingly expensive!!), noticed one or two spots of acne when I started applying the cream on my face. Would have stopped it immediately if only I knew it will turn out to be the bad luck that earned me the name 'pimples girl', yeah overheard one or two female students call me that when they thought I wasn't listening. By my third year in school, the acne was turning into something else on my face, sometimes like huge boils. I would wake up in the morning and quickly grab a mirror to check the state of my face and fall back into bed sometimes when I see the giants on my face. I used all manner of medication, lotions, facial scrubs  on my face and they seem to worsen it more.I was always asking myself and God ( God please forgive me) what I did wrong to deserve such punishment (acne). I can remember I deliberately missed classes sometimes to avoid people, I would go to class sometimes to receive questions like 'what is happening to your face' from lecturers and students alike over and over again. Some very insensitive peeps would joke about me using my face to fly at That sometimes got my sharp shouts at them when I can't bear it no more.

Well, away from all that and down to the business at hand, let me highlight the things I did, that made the acne them all
seem to melt away like snow on a sunny day.

* I was introduced to a mild soap by a good friend of mine. ( Cussons) , Hmmn, is this not free advert for them #smiles#.  Well they have earned it. The soap really came a long way in helping me get rid of my stubborn acne. Mind you before then I used any soap usable I was told to use. Lol.

* My elder sister also introduced me to a home made scrub  consisting of granulated sugar, lime and oil. For me, I used Excipial oil but in case you can't get it you can use Pears or these bottled anointing oil. First cut the limes preferably two into two halves and squeeze the little juice into a small bowl. Then apply the oil evenly all over your face, next you rub the granulated sugar on your face like you are scrubbing the face with it a little bit hard. Then leave on the face for about five minutes before you apply the juice of the lime to your face too. Leave for about five minutes still and wash off gently with warm water. I bet you, there's going to be a change before you try it a third time in a week.

* Also, never fail to drink lots of water to clear your

* lest I forget, never pinch the acne like I always do.. hehe, it doesn't help, instead it just make the 'next sleeping pimples' active when you pinch them. Then worry less about the acne on your face and they will know instinctively you don't have their time, lolz, but seriously when you worry about them too much it stresses your system which in turn stresses your face bringing about the acne.

I hope all these tips I have shared works for you my dear reader, because nothing like a fine and beautiful face especially for a lady.

Can you see the big 'boy' on my forehead? Lol...

Here was one of the days when the acne will have mercy on me and reduce drastically then I quickly and happily take a photo to celebrate 

And now I am free from acne palaver, can't believe my eyes each morning when I wake up and look in the mirror. I know it's never coming back by God's grace! 

So my dear 'Cho-lah-tees', if you have any other tips, just add in the comments box so we can all live better and happier and get rid of acne abi pimples...


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  2. Ok...fingers crossed waiting for your feedback.

  3. I love these tips. I used to have acne back in d days too but God had mercy on my face afterwards lol
    Ensure that you wash you face as many times as possible daily. Wash it with a mild soapn honey too is helpful and lemon juice. It works like magic

    1. Thanks for the additional tips girl.

  4. good i will try d cusson if it work fine

    1. Yeah you should give it a try and note please I used the blue coloured wrap of Cussons and it's so affordable, just #60 in the stores.

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  8. I guess I have experienced a bit of acne, but it has never really gotten so bad to the point where it messed with me. These are some good tips for overcoming acne in the case that you suffer from it. The mild soap especially seems like a good idea because even soap has chemicals that could cause acne break outs.

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