Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happy birthday to Me!!!

Beautiful king
Awesome God
The One that made the wise foolish for my sake
And the strong feeble

Men can't understand the Hand  
That seems to move the clouds for me
Men stand in awe of your wonders in my life 
By merit nor strength did I get here

You have never let my weeping last more than a night 
Your mercies and love have been new every morning 
Now and forever I choose to serve you
I pray all men see your Light.

Warm Birthday shout out to Lohla of Lohla's melange. Happy birthday to you and me. April born rocks! I pray God bless our new age.




  1. Happy birthday sweetheart... . .May your dreams come true.

    Do shakara... it's your birthday!

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  3. Happy Birthday sweet Rella. May God bless u loads

  4. Omg! Happy belated birthday sweetie. Hope you had an amazing time? God's blessings dear

  5. Hiyaaaaaaa #coversface drops on both knees... I'm beyond sorry darl this wish is coming beyond late, but better late than never right? Say you forgive me #puppyface.
    Happy belated birthday hunnaaay I trust you had fun. May your new year be greater than your last year, may all your dreams and secret wishes come true for you dear. Hugs and lots of sloppy kisses

  6. OH my! Happy belated birthday dearie....Wish you every good thing of life.

  7. Thanks to you all for the warm birthday wishes. It's better late than never Lohla. I really appreciate ya all..Mwah!


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