Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Breaking News: Nigeria to enjoy uninterrupted power supply 24/7

Uninterrupted power supply in Naija?, * please wake me up from my dreams*, lolz.
For the past five days, we have been living in darkness. Friday night, PHCN cut off the power supply to my neighbourhood and we were waiting patiently for the ‘return of the light’ for we thought it was the normal three hours on and the next three hours off.
But up till this hour no power supply (please permit me to call it light, na Naija we dey, lol). No light, the stuffs we kept in the refrigerator have almost gone bad. Generator just wouldn’t work, had to go call in a technician and it was finally supplying light for the past two days.

My mummy came back from her shop with the news that the community boys were giving a guy the beating of his life at our street junction. Mama said the guy was accused of stealing the fuses from the transformer powering the neighbourhood. I quickly rushed out to go join in the jungle justice, only to hear that the guy have been taken away to the nearest police station. Chai! That guy should be happy I didn’t see him because the slaps to his ears would have been like stars on earth in his eyes, lolz, *with which hands?*.
Seriously how can one man bring so much suffering to a full community, the heat at night always makes me feel like am close to a furnance.

The accused guy in question was allegedly caught close to the transformer and on looking closely at it, it was found that the fuses were missing. The ‘area boys’ assumed immediately that the man they saw there was the culprit. A mob were at our gate this evening demanding we pay N2000 for the procurement of new fuses otherwise they will cut us off when the light is running. “Oga but nor be me thief am before oo, shey the person una catch am? Ehn make he buy am na.” “madam na your own you dey talk if you nor wan pay na you sabi.”

The problem now is that my mama won’t pay that money oo, she has been waiting for them to come, thank heavens she was not at home when they came demanding for the money, they would have even cut us off even without light for what she would have told them. LMAO. This is not the first time some criminal would be stealing the fuses from the transformer and my mama has said she feels it is the community boys that are stealing it themselves just to extort money from the house owners. I have pleaded with her to pay at least 1k, infact i couldn’t be more rich now otherwise I would have paid the 2k behind her back, lol bad pikin. Erm please this is my mummy’s number 080629*****, please if you can, help me call her to please pay the money ‘cos I need the light badly!
How is your week going my dear friend? And how is the light in your area sef?


  1. The light in my area is worse. Do u know the most annoying part of it?
    They will bring their yeye light during the day when am at work,though it is just for few hours
    I cannot even remember the last time we had light over the night. E don tey
    It is well.

    1. Like no light at all every night? How do you cope with the heat? Well in all Godwin!

  2. Hmmm, if I start my own, we won't leave here 2day. All I have 2 say is NEPA, una no get heart. I don tire 4 una matter. Mtchww

    1. Lolz,tell them oo, cos I wonder why we pay bills and maintenance fees and still not have light.

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  4. One of the best available solutions for the uninterrupted power supply is green energy solutions. Setting up solar panel that incur one time investment could light up Nigeria.


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