Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Positivity is Everything.

Often times, we magnify our problem and make/think of it worse than it looks, believe me most times it may only makes experience that problem longer than it should have lasted. It’s heart breaking to see so many people living their life based on their circumstances of yesterday and today, even conjuring up negativity for their future just because today looks bleak. We all face problems and difficulties, but many have chosen not to allow their problems and challenges take away their joy and positivity towards life.
To some extent, it is only natural for us humans to worry when we are faced with difficult circumstances but not to the point of wallowing in worry, misery and negativity. You say to yourself in the midst of some challenges, ‘’Oh I am already in this mess, let me suffer in misery and negativity while it lasts until the day things become better.’’ I tell you, It is your right to live in happiness and joy each day.

I will never forget an incidence that occurred after I wrote my final paper in the university, this last paper we wrote was da bomb, when you hear students refer to an exam they wrote a bomb just know it wasn’t easy writing it. I had read hard for the exam but everything didn’t just come out right after I finished writing the paper. 90% of the class feared failing the course ‘cos it would me an extra year for us. Rumours were flying in from all angles, “only three persons passed the course,’’ They were all saying. I will always say to myself, “if that were true, i am definitely one of them.”

Some few weeks after returning home to my folks, I got a very disturbing phone call from a course mate of mine who was still in school, he told me he happened to see our departmental result, he dropped me a bombshell that I failed that course. “I can’t fail that course” I managed to utter as he ended the call. The next day got a ping from another course mate telling me still that I failed that same course and I gave him a quick reply that he must be mistaken because I can’t fail. I called my course adviser over the phone to know if the results were out, he said no because the senate body of the school was yet to sit on the results.

Eventually, the results came out and I passed all my courses scatter *dancing shoki ahn*,lol. I thank God Almighty immensely ‘cos only Him can work wonders like this. Why do I feel there is an air/force to positive thinking. They say you are what you think. The greatest man is not the man that has the ability to control everything that happens to him, it is the man that can rise above any negative circumstances and keep a positive attitude.
I want to encourage you to put on a positive garment always no matter the circumstances you find yourself, be positive in plenty and lack, always stay positive come rain, come shine. Remember, you only live once!.
Hiya and lot of hugs to y’ all.


  1. This post really touched me inside out. It is good to be positive in whatever situation one may find herself.
    Henceforth,am rejecting all the negativities that may want to show up in my life and am accepting all the positivities life has to offer
    Thanks for sharing missy

    1. If There is a like for comments, I would like your comment 10* over. Thanks a million, glad I could reach out to someone.

  2. Well said Rella. It is only natural for us humans to worry when we are faced with difficult circumstances, but not to the point of wallowing in worry, misery and negativity. On point.

    1. Thanks Ola. When there is life, there is hope.


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