Sunday, 22 March 2015

What goes around comes back around - Pt 2

Why on earth must this crook be the only one available to attend to me?, I thought to myself. I gave him a fierce look as I handed him my withdrawal slip but he seemed oblivious to my open angry stares at him.
He was through in no time and he handed me my cash. "Hope the money is correct?", I asked, "yes you can count it to confirm", he answered. "It better be correct when I count it at home 'cos I can't count it here otherwise am coming back with the police to your bank and you will pay me the balance if any and my #500 of the other day", i threatened. I could see the look of bewilderment as he seemed to remember me that moment. He was looking uncomfortable as he told me "the money is correct ma". "Good" I said as I left him staring after me as I made for the doors.

Got home and kept the money aside without counting it still 'cos I needed to attend to something urgent. Finally, I could count the money some hours later and behold I was seeing an extra #5000 on top the amount I requested for in my withdrawal booklet. I couldn't believe my eyes and brains, counted twice more, still the same thing. I started dancing azonto all over the room and singing praises to God for He had buttered my bread. It hit me all of a sudden that God might be testing me to put me in the guy's situation like it happened to me before. Something told me to go return the money to the boy at the bank, I quickly put aside that notion for I thought it must be folks from my village who didn't want me to enjoy that were talking to me...lolz. Eventually, I thought over everything and said to myself truly I just might being tested by God.

Made to start going to the bank to return  the money but saw that the time was already past four( their closing time) and it was a Friday, so I shifted it to Monday. That weekend was not funny and easy but I was able to keep the money till Monday. Finally went to the bank on Monday morning and I couldn't find the guy among the cashier and I thought he might have stepped out or went for errand. Waited for close to 30mins and he was not showing up or anywhere in sight. I went to one of the other cashier and asked about the guy describing the shirt and tie he was putting on when I came the last Friday. "Oh Emma, he is officially on leave startling from today", she said. "Till when?", "next month", she answered.

I knew that moment that the money truly was mine * shines teeth * 'cos I know there was no way I could keep the money pending his return. Went into the nearest fast food and ordered meals like a princess...lolz. Really flexed that money ehn. Now do you feel it's just karma at work or just a coincidence. And I bet that guy got to pay for the money he paid me over, maybe a deduction from his salaries. Well judge me honestly, did I do wrong not to have waited for the guy to resume work so I could return money?

My dear readers do unto others what you would want them to do unto you. Can you see that the teller paid ten times what he stole from me. If only there were more honest people, Naija would have been a better place for all of us.

Happy Sunday to you all! How is your weekend going? Love ya!


  1. Laugh wan wound me oo. My dear,that was a blessing in disguise. Baba God no go fit come down from heaven come bless person,na human being him go send.
    The cashier on d other played a fast one on u too, so na do me I do u, God no go vex

    1. Lol... I am shining my 32 uncontrollably becos you are with me on this. At least I didn't steal on gun point. Lol.



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