Thursday, 13 August 2015

Versatile Blogger Award, Who's Next?

We deep gratitude in my heart to God and triple skelewu dance in my head, I am super excited to let you all know that I have been nominated for an award...Versatile Blogger Award!!!! I was nominated by so many boss bloggers and that itself is an honour.. They include Gloria of Trendy living Blog, Amaka of Amaka Media. They are both christian bloggers. (Of the highest order). If you are one who is lazy at praying everyday or you pray without ceasing already, then you should visit their blogs and say your prayers after them and not to add the spiritual upliftments you will gain when you visit.  I am so grateful to you both for blessing me with such an award.
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It feels so good to be nominated for an award and especially for one so outstanding.

Do You know why I love this award?, it's so unique that once
you are lucky enough to be nominated, you immediately win it like automatic.. But not before following some rules though.. First, You thank the person who nominated you, also you leave a link  to his/her blog, nominate 15 blogs, leave a link to their blog, notify them that they have been nominated. And not forgetting to share 7 facts about yourself.

7 facts about Rella..
1. I have a beautiful birth mark on my thighs, around the back of knees (had to share because I love it so much)
2. Only a few on the blogosphere know my real name as in the name my mama gave to me at birth... My name is Egwonor Idiovo.
3. I can survive on just rice and chocolates 2/47, 365 days without getting tired sorry add sharwarma.
4. I love reading books like a whole lot.. from fictional novels to motivational books.
5. No prejudice.. I don't really roll around with light skinned people *it was born out of a childhood experience*
6. I don't wear heels partly because of my height (just a couple of inches short of 6ft).
7. Of course you already know am God's paddy!!!

So to complete the award ritual, I have to nominate 15 other blogs I normally visit.. Whew! (pls when you are counting, count like this 5,10,15.. instead of 1,2,3).. Thanks
They are:
Dup zzy of Modhan Crochet. She is a creative blogger who showcases her beautiful works of crocheting via her blog.

Duru of The Young and Confused Gang.. if you are feeling blue or better still you are feeling happy, hit his blog for some ghen ghen laughs.

Fisayo of Pheezy's Corner.. she is a creative writer with some witty and cool calmness to her writing. You will love her blog.

Who else oo.. Mehn all the other fabulous and boss-mes I know have been nominated and they have acknowledged the nomination. Whenever I come across a new blog I like, will definitely come back here and update it to the required number (15).
Thanks for reading and congrats to the other bloggers that were nominated.

P.S: At the time of posting this, my battery is 2%. So I won't be able to go notify the bloggers I nominated, please will do that later when NEPA comes alive..


  1. Awwwwn u nominated me.... I am so happy I want to cry.

  2. Congratulations: Its an award to honor your little effort. keep on the good work

  3. What about me? *crying*

  4. Pheezy it's yours cause you've earned it..

    @ Uthman, thanks for the comment..

    @ Bethel, aww, just found your blog now. Lemme see how it goes sweet. BTW am loving your fashion blog already..

    Sorry y'all for the late response to your comments, the network is so bad these days..I can hardly open my blog's page.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. My reactions to this post:

    "Idiovo. Is that a Calabar name?"

    "Eewo! She is tallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll"

    "Thank God I'm not light-skinned o. Hehehehe. . . "

    "Mehn, I like this lady"

  7. @ Duru, ehnnn! You kept repeating 'we haff to see the birthmark'. You will old there oo. How ya doing man?

    @ Amaka.. Lol. Am Urhobo and Surname: Idiovo Name: Egwonoghene (Love of God ). Better pronounce my name correctly oo. Sweetie thanks once more for the nomination.

  8. Number three though.....thank Heaven I'm dark skinned. I'm really honoured to be nominated for this award,thanks a million.


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