Sunday, 15 March 2015

Pickpockets No more!

Hello dearies, happy mothers day to you all!
So today I will be giving you tips on ways to avoid losing your money to pickpockets, yes ooh, pickpockets have showed me pepper and tomatoes, lol, from stealing my only money left for transport fare for the week during my industrial training days early last year, ah! That money pained me to my bone marrow 'cos I was so hungry but couldn't get any thing for fear of shortening my t - fare..hehe. Also my mum lost a friend of hers to this pickpocket palaver, the woman opened her shop one Monday morning and forgot her handbag containing a few hundreds of thousand outside the shop, came out the next minute and couldn't find her bag, she fainted and was in coma for some days before she gave up the ghost.
This is just a few of the many experiences that happen to Nigerians in the hands of pickpockets everyday. I will give you some few tips I have been employing to stay out of trouble with pickpockets, *don't give me that eyes*... lol, yeah I know am not an FBI agent but I had to learn something 'cos like I said they have showed me pepper and tomatoes, lol.

* So  for the ladies, always make sure all the zips of your 'shakara' handbag is tightly CLOSED or on LOCK DOWN, the market place is not somewhere for you to do 'shakara' with your handbag especially for the babes them that hang their bag on their arms. If possible, hold the bag in front of your chest when are in a market place or busy park, let me see how the pickpockets can come and open it.

* For the guys, if you are not holding a satchel and you are the type that keeps his wallet in his back pocket thinking no
one can pick it why you are awake, better open your eyes
and please STOP it 'cos many have lost their cash this way.

Erm, *blinks eye * I don't know about any other tips for now, so please my readers help me out, we can not work for someone to pick, lol and also share your experiences if you have any.

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