Saturday, 18 April 2015

Perculiar observations about some Naija cities

 I have been opportuned to visit some states in Nigeria and I want to share some peculiar observations (not facts ooh)about the people. Please note all findings are based on my observations when I visited, so am sorry if it may contradict with your view especially if you hail from that state and please I don't mean to be insulting or tribalistic about any tribe or people.
So here it goes.....

Delta State: I am an indigene of Delta State, an Urhobo girl (by name cos I can barely speak/understand my mother's tongue), I spent the last four years of my life in Delta State schooling, and I thank God for the opportunity to school here and know a little about my people 'cos you can't know them all. So Amebo Do you know women here
seems to be more hardworking than the men? Yes I feel the women are more hardworking than the men. In my fresh year at school, I was on my way to class one morning when I stumbled upon some group of men and women working in a building under construction, Yeee! the women were carrying concrete on their head with a headpan and all seems to be happy with some carrying infants tied to their back. I asked about their husbands and someone said he is probably at home sleeping and drinking *bbm surprised face*. Yes I found out later most of the men lazy away at 'kai kai' joints while the women worked. Lord have mercy! Well aside that they are cool and welcoming.
Edo State: 'The land of Landladies' like my friend in school will say and yab me most of the time, he said the ratio of women who owned houses to men is 5:1. Though I don't totally agree with him on the ratio thing but there seem to be more Landladies than landlords...hehe. I live in Benin and one other thing freaks me out. In some areas, Early morning while every one goes to work, I see some young guys sitting outside their father's compound just gisting and smoking their brains off. I said some ooh, but have seen some pretty hardworking ones though. And lest I forget, they love travelling to Italy or abroad, on business or pleasure?.... I don't know ooh.

Ekiti State: Hmmn, went there one time to write one of my
numerous post UTME( I wrote and wrote to the point that once I type the first letter of my name, JAMB brings out the rest per customer concerned) I took in different universities across Nigeria before I gained admission. I think I went to Ifa-Ekiti and mehn that place was kinda in the stone age. All those soft drinks that are extinct or so I thought seems to be the most fancied drinks there judging by the way most shops displayed it. Though things were pretty cheap there, that is how I asked for a nearby hotel to spend the night, they showed me one run down the mill house ooh, I say okay, manage it, thank God I had the foresight to check on one of the rooms before payment. Yeee! See cockcroaches everywhere, dead and alive. I carried my bag and ran as fast
as I could. And seriously the folks in that town were so hospitable. Ok that is that....

Lagos State: know need to yan much, but i found out most people walk there like they are in a hurry to see Jesus at their destination. And why do the bus conductors feel everyone understands Yoruba? And Lagos, Lagos, the place where my friend bought a phone brand new, removed the battery, checked it was ok only to get home and see fufu (akpu) as battery....Loooool. I like Lagos 'cos as they say, it is the 'Land of Opportunities'.
I have also been to some Eastern cities like Onitsha, Awka, Enugu. Then to Kogi, Ondo, Osun to name a few, and I will
love to see so many other cities in Nigeria, I really love seeing new places but don't like the tiring journeys by bus (I have never seen the tail of a plane) plus my long legs keep getting crams 'cos of the little spacing between the seats.
So do you feel am not right about my observations? Please let me know and do you have any peculiar observation concerning any city in Nigeria, oya kindly share with us in the comment section. 

Do take care and have a splendid weekend!


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