Saturday, 21 March 2015

What goes around comes back around.

By the time you are through reading this, you will believe the saying that  'what goes around comes back around' and let me add my own to it, 'in a short time'. So what goes around, comes around in a short time.
Can't move forward with this write up without asking my dear chocolahtees how you 're all doing?, have you eaten today?, how was your day honey?, can you see the way I care so much about you like a guy that is all out to get a girl he just met, Hmmn guess am gonna be a good 'toaster' of guys and bread I

Like I said earlier, what goes around do comes back around.
You know of course al ready that I will always 'butter-ess'(don't forget am a bread toaster *wink) my point with some facts and true life - first hand experiences. Some few years back, my elder sister gave me her ATM card to go withdraw some money and send to my other sis in school. She gave me #50 to pay for okada ride down to bank, then told me to withdraw additional #500 so I could use it to pay for return transport home. Got to the bank and as usual the normal queue that greets you at the ATM machine points especially midday. I withdrew the money I was to send to my sis and the additional 5h for transport.

I went inside the bank and met a longer queue than the one I met outside. It got to my turn to pay in and I went into one of the small partitioned cubicle that one could barely fit in. A young teller of about 25, 27 years greeted me from across the glass and gestured for me to give him the cash and slip I filled. He position the cash on these automated money counter(abi is that not what it is called?), and grrrrrr the machine hummed as it counted.

I saw him look out me unusually and i asked him if everything was okay, "yes", he said avoiding my eyes as he answered. This must be one of the shy types like me I thought to myself. In no time he was through with all the ink stamping and entering into the computer to be received by my sis in school till God knows when. I left the bank and hopped into an okada back home. Got to house and made to pay the okada rider but I couldn't find the #500 in my purse. Then I remembered I kept the 5h and the other cash together in one hand, meaning I paid everything to the teller. Eh Mogbe! Where will I see money to pay okada man. I did a quick calculation of transport to and from the bank and figured I will still have small cash left from the 5h if I went back to the bank to collect my 5h from the teller. If only it were that easy, took same okada back to the bank, and explained to the crook how I mistakenly payed him over, this Oga denied oo, said I didn't pay him over and even said thank God he still had my money aside and he gave me to count it myself, I did but no 5h on top. I was so pissed off and was raising my voice before I could stop my self. Went back home sha and begged my sis to give me money to pay the now double okada fare...

Went to that same bank a few months later to withdraw and that same guy was the only one available to pay me and guess what???

Pls to be continued tomorrow, my eyes hurt and I need to rest and I like typing at night...Catch ya!


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