Sunday, 19 April 2015

Thanksgiving Sunday

Hope you are as happy as I am for another opportunity to thank God and let the whole world know He is the Dopest, the best Friend, the Greatest Protector(He is stronger than a thousand army) and above all a Merciful King!
It's another RellaNaija Thanksgiving Sunday... Here we come together to thank God for what He has done this past week, today and what He is yet to do. So if you are not joining this beautiful clan to thank Baba God, just know you are standing on a short thing...LOL.

Let's get started: God has been so faithful this past week to me and my family (RN included). I was on the road everyday this past week and every journey I embarked on was as smooth as a smoothie. I and my family are in good shape and health as always and my acne is gone forever because if it were before, after such series of travels my face becomes a sea of mighty acne as a result of stress. Now it is just looking cool like cool. *dancing* I say a big thank you to my Oghene (God). He is so good to moi! Most times I wish I could give Him a big hug for everything He has been doing *sighs*...

No time my sweets, let the world know how much you appreciate Him... Give your thanks to Him 'cos I bet He is been amazing to you. Don't forget... Angel Angela is taking roll call, hehe.

Have a blessed day. Love you!


  1. I am a testimony of his goodness.

  2. I thank God for what He has shown me. I'm grateful for the testimonies ahead.


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